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Akasa Air: Is There a Change In Its Employee Centric Approach?

Akasa Air is suing pilots who resigned to join a rival airline without serving their notice period. However, the Federation Of Indian Pilots (FIP) emphasized that the relief sought by airline which aims to enforce the CAR against employees who violated the terms of their employment contracts, is not valid

Growth Strategies

Dubai-Based Multi-Family Office Hilshaw Group Diversifies Into The Aviation Industry

The collaboration between Hilshaw Group and Aeolus aims to capitalize on the increasing demand for aircraft leasing services and the growing opportunities in the global aviation market.

Growth Strategies

The Future Of Dubai's Aviation Industry Looks Brighter Than Ever

Several recent developments have expanded service opportunities for the UAE's aviation sector

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Employment Opportunities: The Rise Of Indian Aviation Industry

The new fleet expansion orders placed by Indian airlines pave the way for tremendous employment opportunities in the aviation and allied sectors in India

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BluJ Aerospace Secures $2.25 Million In Seed Funding

With this funding, BluJ will further expand hiring, build its state-of-the-art facilities, and establish the testing infrastructure required to move toward certification

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How Entrepreneurs Can Keep Up With Industry Demands While Nurturing a Skilled Workforce

By implementing effective strategies, building strong partnerships, embracing technology and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, entrepreneurs can ensure the success of their training programs.

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Akasa Air: Aiming To Be a Cost Leader

We are heads down focused on our particular strategy, which is cost leadership, service excellence and employee centricity, says, Vinay Dube, founder and CEO, Akasa Air

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What New Aviation Practices Can Teach Us About Collaboration and Innovation

By identifying niche markets, embracing technological advancements and fostering collaboration, entrepreneurs are changing the aviation industry.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel: How India is Plugging Into Global Supply Chain Opportunities

SAF is defined as renewable or waste-derived aviation fuel that meets sustainability criteria. India aims to achieve 1 per cent sustainable fuel blending for all commercial flights by 2025

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Akasa Air: Betting Big On Tier II, Tier III Connectivity & Sustainability

The airline will continue to grow its network across Tier II & Tier III route connectivity with a focus on achieving its sustainability goals

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Where Did Go First Go Wrong & What Should Airlines Learn From It?

Go First Airline, which filed for bankruptcy, announced that its flight operations will remain canceled until 9th May due to operational reasons. New players such as Akasa Air and upcoming Fly91, have a lot to learn from this

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Go First: What Led To the 'Grounding' Of This Airline

The airline has been faced with critical supply chain issues with regard to their engines.Go First filed for bankruptcy blaming jet engine maker Pratt & Whitney (P&W) for grounding half of its fleet, however, P&W has refuted the claims

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How Lufthansa Group Is Expanding Its Wings In India

European airline major Lufthansa is bullish about the India market and is expanding its operations. With its new services it plans to operate more than 60 weekly flights from India and it has plans to bring back Airbus A380 into the Asian market

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World Pilot Day: Is India Taking Off?

April 26th is celebrated as World Pilot's Day and the idea to turn it into an international celebration was established by the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA)

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From Boardroom To Shop Floors: More Women Entering Auto & Aviation Industry

Tata Motors employs more than 3,000 women employees at its shop floors, similarly, MG Motor India has successfully integrated 37 per cent women employees in its workforce. Around 13 per cent of Vistara airlines pilots are women, today corporate companies are working towards women representation in all its fields