Branding in a 'Barbie' World — How to Harness the Power of Your Brand

With the success of "Barbie" at the box office, will Mattel continue to capitalize on their toy brands?

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Is There a Trick to Creating Viral Content? Here's What We Learned From Recent AI and Barbie Trends.

By definition, viral trends are fleeting. But hopping on them at just the right time can yield massive, long-lasting success in marketing a product, brand or service.

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A New 'EcoWarrior' Barbie Is Making Headlines. But It Turns Out It Was All a Hoax.

The fake Barbie was perpetrated by climate change activists using a phony website and press release — and it worked.


Barbie, la película, es una máquina publicitaria: así es como Barbie y otras 4 superproducciones dominaron el arte del marketing

Se dice que el presupuesto de marketing de Barbie era de $150 millones de dólares y la película superó esa cifra en su fin de semana de estreno. Así es cómo su equipo de marketing lo logró.

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Gap Poaches Top Mattel Exec as Its New CEO in a Bid to Boost Declining Sales

Richard Dickson was hired for his expertise in brand transformation.


'Barbie' Was a Publicity Machine — Here's How Barbie and 4 Other Blockbusters Mastered the Art of Marketing

'Barbie' reportedly had a $150 million marketing budget, and it exceeded that figure in its opening weekend. Here's how their marketing team pulled it off.

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'You'd Do That For Your Mom': Margot Robbie Reveals That She Paid Off Her Mom's Mortgage With Paychecks

The "Barbie" star earned an estimated $12.5 million for the film.

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From an Airbnb Stay at Barbie's Malibu DreamHouse to Frozen Yogurt Flavors and Park Benches—The 'Barbie' Movie Team Is Going All In on Marketing

Here's a look at some of the outrageous Barbie collaborations ahead of Greta Gerwig's forthcoming movie, "Barbie."


¿Tienes guardadas tus Barbies antiguas? Ojo: esto es lo que pueden valer algunas de ellas

Algunas ediciones de la muñeca más famosa del mundo han adquirido gran valor con el paso del tiempo. ¿Alguna de ellas figura en tu colección?

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The 'Barbie' Movie May Have Caused A Global Pink Paint Shortage

The long-anticipated film is slated to hit theaters later this summer.


El mundo se está quedando sin pintura color rosa fosforescente y Barbie tiene la culpa

La producción de la película inspirada por la muñeca más famosa del mundo tuvo una consecuencia inesperada: la falta de pintura rosa de esta marca.