Starting a Business

Jon Bon Jovi and His Son Jesse Want You to Play 'Pink Pong' With Their Top-Rated Rosé This Summer. You Game?

Jesse Bongiovi and his dad Jon Bon Jovi co-founded Hampton Water with a simple mission in mind: make something delicious, affordable and, most importantly, fun.

News and Trends

Proost Beer Raises INR 25 Crore in Pre-Series A Funding

In April, Proost Beer secured funding of INR 8.5 crore. It aims to capture a five per cent plus share of the Indian beer market by 2030.

Business News

Bill Gates' Foundation Just Made a Big Bet on Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light, Despite Declining Sales

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust acquired approximately $95 million of Anheuser-Busch shares during the same period the company reported a dip in revenue for Q2 2023.

Business News

Modelo Continues to Dominate Bud Light, Hits Another Major Milestone for the First Time Ever

Although external factors like Bud Light's PR woes played a role, Modelo's rise to the top wasn't merely coincidental. The company had aimed to become the No. 1 beer in America by 2025.

Business News

'You Need to Stand for Your Values': Heineken CEO Dolf van den Brink Talks Bud Light Beer Sales Decline

The company posted a 5.6% decline in beer sales in the first half earnings report of 2023.

Business News

Anchor Brewing Employees Are Trying to Buy the Historic Beer Company, Rallying to Prevent Shut Down

Several other parties, including Rhode Island-based brewery Narragansett Beer and Bay Area entrepreneurs, have expressed interest in preserving Anchor Brewing's legacy.

Business News

Anchor Brewing, America's Oldest Craft Brewery, Shuts Down after 127 Years

The San Francisco-based company was reportedly losing millions of dollars annually.

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Bud Light Is Offering a Big Rebate for Fourth of July Weekend—Making Its Product Practically Free

Amid declining sales, the company is giving a rebate of up to $15 for beer purchased through July 8th.

Business News

Bud Light Launches 'Biggest Summer Campaign Ever' Amid Backlash and a Decline in Sales

Bud Light sales revenue declined by 26.8% in early June compared to a year prior.


Regulator: Molson Coors Miller Lite Ad Went too Far Comparing Rival Products to Water

Comedy is one thing, but Molson Coors apparently crossed the line by comparing a competitor's products to water.

Buying / Investing in Business

Bill Gates Bought a $940 Million Stake in Heineken Even Though He's 'Not a Big Beer Drinker.'

The purchase gives him ownership of 3.76% of the company's shares.

News and Trends

This Summer, Beer Raises a Toast

While geo-political conditions arising due to Russia-Ukraine war have had an impact on prices, the upbeat mood of beer crafters is evident from new launches

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Right Place, Right Time: You're About to See More of the PGA Championship's 'Michelob Ultra Guy'

One man stood apart from the crowd at last week's PGA Championship.