9 Dream Cars for Entrepreneurs

The coolest wheels for business and pleasure.

Patrick Carone

China Bans Autonomous Car Testing (for Now)

China wants car makers to stop testing until new regulations are in place.

Don Reisinger

BMW to Team Up With Tech Firms for Driverless Cars

The company is set to announce an alliance to develop self-driving vehicles with collision detection specialist Mobileye and computer chip maker Intel.


BMW Revamps 'i' Electric Car Division to Focus on Self-Driving Tech

While Tesla's Model 3 will hit showrooms in 2017, and as rivals Porsche and Audi are working on all-electric cars for release by 2019, the German carmaker appears to have put such cars on the back burner.


BMW Invests in California-Based Carpooling App Scoop

BMW's move is the latest in a flurry of investments by automakers in technology industry startups that appear to be aimed at convincing consumers to do without owning their own cars, or driving vehicles as often.


Tesla in Talks With BMW Over Car Batteries

The car makers discuss a collaboration over car batteries and other parts.