Diving into Entrepreneurship

Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric on diving in the deep waters.

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Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric introduced the first Electric Bicycle way back in 2001 and an Electric Scooter in 2007. Today, Hero Electric is India's largest Electric Two-wheeler company. Photography, scuba diving, and making India sustainable, is what drives Munjal.

HERO Electric

Whether it is entrepreneurship or scuba diving, he knows how to stay absolutely calm and composed at all times. Looking at the "bigger' picture a lot of times, he has built a strong business or so to say dived in the deep open waters even when things were not going his way. He has had way too many such experiences doing both – building a business in a new uncharted world and diving in the deep waters with sharks around you! Here's Munjal talking about the therapy and thrill in diving.

First scuba dive plunge:

At the Palawan Islands, Philippines, 1998

Numerous experiences of scuba dives across the world:

I have dived in various parts of the world – Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, Greece, Hawaii, Oman, Turks, and Caicos. I got my first PADI scuba certification in Bali, Indonesia.

Favourite Scuba diving destination:

Maldives – It is one of the most beautiful places to dive – crystal clear waters with abundant marine life and if you're lucky you would have Manta Rays and Whale Sharks swim by you! I saw quite a few reef sharks but not the Whale Sharks. I did a lot of wreck diving in Maldives, quite a few sunken boats and ships not too far out in the ocean and a lot of them are easily accessible at 15-20 metres. However, we went down to one which was at 44 meters and even at that depth there was light filtering through, the waters were that clear! I would absolutely love to go back diving in Maldives very soon.

Favourite Sports:

I enjoy watching Formula 1 and am "forced' to watch football and cricket by my son who absolutely loves watching sports! Another sport I love watching is Snooker, but that unfortunately is not that widely telecast any longer!

Fitness regime:

I'm an early riser and seldomly will sleep beyond 7 am or so even on a holiday. Generally, I am up by 6 am or so and then either exercise (pre-covid days) or these days am just walking outside and enjoying the peacocks dancing on our roof and their loud calls to each other!

Wheels I own:

A BMW X7 SUV. I've always been fond of SUVs and prefer them to be the wheels of my choice.\

Wheels I am eyeing on:

Waiting for the Tesla! My choice would be the Tesla X. My other vehicle that I've been eyeing since quite a while is either the BMW R1250GS or now the Harley Davidson Pan America motorcycles.

Favourite Food:

Spicy Chinese – Sichuan food! Also, Japanese Ramen, however being a vegetarian it's very hard to find good Ramen without fish in it!

Favourite movie

The Last Samurai

Life Hack

The ability to "zoom' in and out of situations.