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Bud Light Leans on Humor, Wants to Bring 'Irreverence Back' With New Super Bowl Commercial: Watch

The 60-second spot called "Easy Night Out" will play during Sunday's big game and is meant to win back the company's core customers.

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Early Bud Light Boycotter Kid Rock, Who Fired a Rifle at Cases of the Beer, Just Changed His Stance — Here's Why

The musician announced he's changing his tune — but photographic evidence suggests his boycott was tenuous from the start.

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Bud Light Inks Major Sponsorship Deal in an Attempt to Revive the Brand After Controversial Influencer Fallout

Bud Light is set to become the "official beer partner" of the UFC.


Should Your Brand Embrace Social Issues? Here's What to Consider

When executed thoughtfully, brands can create a profound and lasting impact while strengthening their relationship with consumers who share their values.

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Bill Gates' Foundation Just Made a Big Bet on Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light, Despite Declining Sales

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust acquired approximately $95 million of Anheuser-Busch shares during the same period the company reported a dip in revenue for Q2 2023.

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Modelo Continues to Dominate Bud Light, Hits Another Major Milestone for the First Time Ever

Although external factors like Bud Light's PR woes played a role, Modelo's rise to the top wasn't merely coincidental. The company had aimed to become the No. 1 beer in America by 2025.

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'You Need to Stand for Your Values': Heineken CEO Dolf van den Brink Talks Bud Light Beer Sales Decline

The company posted a 5.6% decline in beer sales in the first half earnings report of 2023.

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Kevin O'Leary Slams Anheuser-Busch CEO's Listening Tour, Says It Won't Stop Bud Light Backlash for One Huge Reason

Anheuser-Busch U.S. CEO Brendan Whitworth announced plans to hear consumers out this summer.

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Anheuser-Busch to Lay Off 2% of Workforce Amid Declining Sales and Backlash

The layoffs will impact less than 2% of the total Anheuser-Busch U.S. employee population, which translates to approximately 380 positions eliminated.


Where Anheuser-Busch Went Wrong and How We Can Do Better

Failed campaigns do more harm than good — not just for the company but also for the causes and people they only feign to support.

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Angry Customers Boycotting Bud Light Haven't Meaningfully Impacted Sales, Says Anheuser-Busch CEO

AB InBev CEO Michel Doukeris addressed the controversy on an earnings call.

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Costco Stamps Bud Light With Its 'Star of Death' After Severe Backlash

Bud Light sales are down more than 30% compared to June 2022.

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Bud Light Launches 'Biggest Summer Campaign Ever' Amid Backlash and a Decline in Sales

Bud Light sales revenue declined by 26.8% in early June compared to a year prior.