El burnout amenaza el bienestar y la productividad de los empleados: así puedes evitar que se infiltre en tu lugar de trabajo

Mantén a tus empleados comprometidos y motivados implementando estas estrategias inspiradas en la seguridad contra incendios para combatir el agotamiento.


Burnout Threatens Employee Well-Being and Productivity — Here's How to Stop It From Infiltrating Your Workplace

Keep your employees engaged and motivated by implementing these fire safety-inspired strategies to combat burnout.


Estudio alarmante: uno de cada cinco trabajadores siente soledad

Un informe de Gallup asegura que este sentimiento es aún más agudo para aquellos que trabajan desde casa.


I've Grown a High-Performing Team in Just 2 Years — Here are 5 Growth Strategies I Learned

A team's strength lies in its people's individual skills and how they synergistically come together.

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How Leaders Can Create a Resilient Workforce and Support Employee Mental Health Challenges

Are you prepared to support the mental wellness of the incoming workforce?

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Break Free From Client Burnout With These 6 Strategies

How much stress is too much stress? Here are some effective strategies for managing burnout when working with clients.


Tomar descansos no te hace flojo: aquí hay 4 maneras en las que en realidad te vuelven más productivo

Una vez que encuentres el equilibrio entre el trabajo y tu vida personal, verás cómo se integran de manera natural y lograrás una rutina balanceada. Así es como puedes llegar al equilibrio óptimo para ti.


Taking Breaks Doesn't Make You Lazy — Here Are 4 Ways It Actually Makes You More Productive

The more you find a balance between work and real life, the more the two will start to organically intertwine until you find your scheduling sweet spot. Here's how to find that right balance for you.


Is Selling Your Business the Only Way Out of Burnout? Here Are Five Alternatives to Consider Instead.

When you're burning out as an entrepreneur or business owner, it can feel like selling your business to an outside buyer is your only escape — but I'm here to tell you there are other options. Here are a few to consider if you're unsure about handing over the reins.


Amazon, Apple Employees Share a Surging Workplace Complaint That Can Overshadow Even the Biggest Salaries

A new analysis gives insight into the employee experience at some of the largest companies in the U.S.

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How to Escape Entrepreneurial Burnout When You Can't Just Quit

What do you do when you're experiencing burnout as an entrepreneur and you feel like your entire career is on life support as you barely make it through each day? Try these solutions for entrepreneurs who can't just quit their jobs when they've had enough.


Quiero tirar la toalla y cerrar mi negocio. Cómo saber si debo seguir adelante o dejarlo ir

El emprendimiento nos exige mucho. Priorizar nuestro autocuidado y buscar apoyo nos ayudará a tomar las mejores decisiones durante los momentos difíciles.

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I Want to Throw in the Towel and Quit My Business — Here's How to Know When to Stick With or Let Go of Your Business

Entrepreneurship demands a lot of us. Prioritizing our self-care and seeking support will help us make the best decisions during tough times.


Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Follow These Tips to Prevent It From Turning Into Burnout.

When you're passionate about your work, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Take these tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnout.