Business Traveler's Journal: Page 4

Growing a Business

Airbnb Is Going After the Exploding Market of Chinese Travelers

The accommodations rental site says outbound travel from China on the platform has grown 700 percent in the past year.


Flying Economy Stinks. Here Are Some Ways – Crazy and Otherwise –That People Want to Make It Better.

They range from redesigning the way we board, to redesigning the cabin and seats themselves.


Not Your Average Business Trip: Buzz Aldrin Shares His Apollo 11 Expense Report

Your business trips will never be that cool.

Growing a Business

How These Flexible Rental Spaces Are Helping Entrepreneurs Work From Anywhere

Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of work spaces that boast convenience and cachet without commitment.


5 Reasons Why Your Team Needs You to Take a Vacation

If you don't take a vacation, they won't take a vacation and eventually nobody is happy.


How This Veteran Traveler Packs Magic Into Every Journey

WTRMLN WTR co-founder Jody Levy makes aligning her body and mind a priority while on the road.


The 10 Best Apps to Pack for Business Travel

What good things await you in the cloud(s) while you're flying to that next business meeting?

Business News

Why China Is Building Airports Like Crazy

More than 60 of its inland airports are under expansion and another 30 new regional airports are in the process of being built.


More U.S. Workers are Mixing Business and Pleasure

A blended lifestyle of work and play gains traction among travelers.


3 Strategies to Ensure You Never Sit in the 'Regular' Boarding Area Again

Why put up with the masses when you can have first-class perks?

Health & Wellness

11 Strategies for Eating Healthy on a Business Trip

Think you can't find healthy airport food? Look again.

Science & Technology

Traveling in Europe? A New Search Engine Wants to Show You Every Transportation Option.

A startup goes the extra mile to help travelers in Europe plan routes.


Twitter Might Be the Most Important Customer Service Center You Have

As travelers turn to Twitter to complain about airline snafus and hotel hiccups, businesses are staffing up their social media teams.


6 Ways to Make Your Next Business Trip More Productive

Planning ahead and following up make business travel more beneficial and much less frustrating.


This App Wants to Be Your One-Stop Shop for Hotel Services

To streamline the hotel experience, MobileSuites might be worth checking out.