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B2B SaaS Startup ElevateHQ Raises $1.1 Million

The fund raised will be deployed towards the acquisition of talent, strengthening the product further and making further inroads in North America

Teena Jose

This TikTok-Famous Funeral Director Might Bury 10 People a Day, But He Still Finds Time to Write Beautiful Songs

This mortician and musician has learned a lot about life -- and art -- while working in death.

Creativity Means Productivity. Here Are 3 Practices That Boost Both.

Being creative in the workplace increases morale -- and output.

Owning a Franchise Could Be Your Fastest Route to Business Ownership. Here's What You Need to Know to Succeed.

Opening a franchise is a great option if you are interested in running your own business while minimizing the risk of starting one on your own. Let's discuss why opening a franchise might be the fastest route to business ownership and success.

Michael Ligon

Why is Your Video Marketing Failing? Employ These 4 Best Practices To Ensure Your Strategy is Aligned With Your Company's Goals.

Launching headfirst into video marketing without understanding how it aligns with your brand's overall strategy is a recipe for disaster. Employ the following best practices to ensure your video marketing concepts are in sync with your company's goals.

Hope Horner

I'm a Stay-At-Home Parent and Entrepreneur, and I'm Burnt Out. Here's How to Avoid the Same Fate.

Working parents have two full-time jobs: their careers and caring for their families. These tips will help you dodge burnout while juggling both.

Lesley Pyle

5 Takeaways from 'The Guardian's' Exposé on Uber's Leaked Documents

From explicit internal communication to "weaponizing" drivers, leaked Uber documents reveal the company's unorthodox and questionable practices.

My Cloud Kitchen Joins Hands With NVA Foods, Launches $1.23 Million Corpus

The joint venture will leverage its expertise such as in-house capabilities of brand building, vendor tie ups, menu engineering, inventory management and so on

Teena Jose

Does Your Company Need A Rebrand? Here's Why, When and How You Should Do It.

Rebranding can help your business or organization stay competitive and relevant in today's ever-changing marketplace.

Adam Horlock

7 Strategies for Growing Your Business When Supply Chain Disruptions Are Everywhere

Shipping delays don't have to mean the end of your business. Here's how to keep your company growing through any supply chain disruption.

John Boitnott

Recession Fears Mean SEO Agencies Must Brace for the Great Unbundling

Amid talks of a recession, prudent SEO agencies must prepare for the unbundling of services. Here's how.

7 Tips for Making Quality Business Decisions

Entrepreneurs and business owners make hundreds of decisions every year, but what can they do to uncover any biases or blind spots in their decision-making?