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Oil Prices On A Rollercoaster After UAE Retracts Increased Supply Talk

Oil prices plunged by 17% Wednesday after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had urged OPEC producers to increase output given sanctions that threaten Russian supply. However, prices rose 5% Thursday...

Cristian Bustos

Tesla Orders Surge 100% As People Turn To Electric Cars Amid High Gas Prices

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is benefiting from the global increase in oil prices. People in the U.S. are turning away from fossils fuels given the high cost of gas in specific...

Cristian Bustos

These Are The Ten Worst Performing Mid Cap Stocks In 2022 To Date

Investors looking for quick gains resort to small, fast-growing companies, while those who prefer stability in their portfolio go for large and mega cap stocks. Amid such a trend, many...

Aman Jain

McDonald's, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Flee Russia

McDonald’s Corp (NYSE:MCD) and Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) have announced they will stop operating in Russia in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine, adding to a list of big global...

Cristian Bustos

These Are The Ten Best Performing Aerospace And Defense Stocks

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has shaken the global financial markets. Several stocks and funds that have significant exposure to Russia and Ukraine have dropped sharply over the...

Aman Jain

Crypto Will Be The Best-Performing Investment In 2022: My Bitcoin Prediction For The Year Ahead

Despite a war erupting in Europe, repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic continuing and consumer sentiment at dismal levels, there is one silver lining for 2022. It's my forecast for cryptocurrency....

Fred Schebesta

Google Announces $5.4 Billion Acquisition Of Mandiant

Google – Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) – is set to acquire cybersecurity company Mandiant Inc (NASDAQ:MNDT) for a whopping $5.4 billion, in a move that sees the internet giant invest in...

Cristian Bustos

Shell To Stop Buying Russian Oil And Gas

Shell PLC (LON:SHEL) announced it would cease oil and gas purchases from Russia, as the company is set to cut ties with the country's energy sector. Shell will also close...

Cristian Bustos

These Are The Ten Best Performing Cryptocurrencies In 2022 To Date

2021 was a big year for the cryptocurrency industry, but 2022 so far is nowhere near that. Many believe the hype that the crypto market got last year is a...

Aman Jain

Leveling The Playing Field For Female Entrepreneurs

Encouraging female entrepreneurs to kick start their journey has benefits that go beyond just boosting the global gross domestic product.

Jen Blandos

Oil Prices Shot To $139, Highest Since 2008, Amid Russian Oil Ban Talk

Oil prices continue their charge toward fresh peaks to reach $139 per barrel Monday, the highest in over 14 years. The possibility of the U.S. and Europe banning Russian oil...

Cristian Bustos

These Are The Ten Bond Funds With The Largest Exposure To Russia

The Russia-Ukraine conflict could have far-reaching financial impacts, not just for Russian investors but also for investors worldwide, including in the U.S. Although most major U.S. stocks have little business...

Aman Jain