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These Are The Ten Equity Funds With Largest Russia Exposure

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is sending jitters to the financial markets worldwide. This war will have an indirect impact on almost everyone because Russia is the second-largest...

Aman Jain

Russian Economy Is Taking "Serious Blows" After Western Sanctions

The Russian economy is taking "serious blows" due to the isolation spawning from economic sanctions, the Kremlin admitted Wednesday. The country's financial system is in tatters as foreign energy and...

Cristian Bustos

Ford Is Aiming At 2 Million Electric Cars A Year And 10% Operating Profit

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is betting hard on e-transport and has set sights on producing 2 million electric vehicles (EV) a year and a 10% adjusted operating profit margin in...

Cristian Bustos

These Were The Ten Worst Performing Large Cap Stocks In February 2022

Similar to mega cap stocks, large cap stocks (with market capitalization between $10 billion to $200 billion) provide stability to an investor’s portfolio. However, unlike mega-cap stocks, large cap stocks...

Aman Jain

These Were The Ten Worst Performing Mega Cap Stocks In February 2022

Most investors prefer smaller, fast-growing companies, but large and mega cap stocks could prove very profitable for patient investors. Such stocks are relatively less volatile, provide stability to the portfolio...

Aman Jain

Shell To Follow BP Steps And Exit Russia – Gazprom Deal Off

Sanctions imposed by the world's leading economies on Russia amid the Ukraine invasion are triggering an exodus of some of the biggest energy companies. The latest name on the list...

Cristian Bustos

Three Critical Factors To Consider Before Going Solo

Askhan Fattahi advises young entrepreneurs to take these factors into consideration so that they could navigate the initial turbulence that they may encounter before starting a business

John Stanly

Stocks To Keep Up With Inflation In Volatile Markets

It was an exciting week with higher daily volatility than we have seen for a long time. It was a large volume of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings last...

Pierre Raymond

Russia Sanctions Send Ruble And Stocks On A Dive, Central Bank Hikes Rates

The ensuing economic sanctions on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine are creating mayhem across the globe. As oil prices went up, the Russian ruble dropped to a record low...

Cristian Bustos

These Are The Ten Biggest Oil And Gas Equipment And Services Companies

Oil and gas equipment and services is a massive and lucrative industry that provides equipment, components, other supplies and professional services to companies engaged in oil & gas exploration and...

Aman Jain

These Are The Ten Best Performing Short-Term Bond Funds

Short-term bond funds primarily invest in corporate and other investment-grade fixed income securities, mainly from U.S. issuers. Such funds usually invest in securities that have a maturity period between a...

Aman Jain

These Are The Ten Biggest Cryptocurrencies For Tourism

The internet revolutionized the tourism industry, allowing travelers to create their trips on the go without the need to go to a travel agency. Now, the use of blockchain and...

Aman Jain