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Will Wall Street's Enthusiasm About Datadog Lead To Big Gains?

Cloud monitoring specialist Datadog has been the subject of analyst enthusiasm recently, and Wall Street sees an upside potential of 67%.

Growing a Business

A Recession Creates Opportunity for Creatives

One of the few things that accelerates during an economic downturn is content, which means that for creative professionals, this is not a negative, but an invitation.

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Become a Cloud Professional with This AWS Training

Get the education you need to leverage Amazon Web Services without hiring someone else.

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The More You Buy, the More You Can Save on Cloud Storage

Bundle cloud storage and more this Labor Day.

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How to Achieve Data Quality in the Cloud

The quality of your data may diminish in the cloud. Follow these strategies to mitigate data loss and restore data quality.

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How Multi-Cloud Could Be the Growth Catalyst Your Business Needs

Many companies are moving to multi-cloud services. Should yours?

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Upstart Stock Getting Attractive After an 82% Sell-Off

Cloud base artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform Upstart Holdings (NASDAQ: UPST) stock has collapsed (-82%) for 2022.


Google refuerza su apuesta por la nube invirtiendo en mercados emergentes

A la inversión de Google en mercados emergentes se suma ahora Ingram Micro Cloud, quien anunció recientemente la inclusión de los servicios en la nube para su red de distribuidores en Singapur, Indonesia, Malasia y Tailandia.


For Security-Conscious Law Firms, the Cloud Is a Better Option Than Ever

Even top government agencies like the CIA and FBI are using the cloud, so it should be secure enough for your law firm to use it, too.


EMPRENDIMIENTOAWS re/Start capacitará a jóvenes en computación en la nube

Amazon se ha aliado con varias organizaciones para llevar su programa AWS re/Start a más jóvenes, quienes aprenderán computación en la nube y tendrán más oportunidades de empleo.

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The Challenges of Optimizing Your Cloud Spend in 2022

There is a misconception that being in the "cloud" automatically means that you are saving money. In fact, in 2022, one of the top initiatives many companies seek to achieve is reducing cloud costs.

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Get 1TB of Cloud Storage for Less Than $140

Securely store and manage your data in the Koofr Cloud.


Así avanza la computación en la nube, un valioso recurso para las empresas

Nube híbrida, Edge Computing, y otros conceptos de la computación en la nube han comenzado a tomar fuerza en las empresas y se expandirán en los próximos años.

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This is how cloud computing advances, a valuable resource for companies

Hybrid Cloud, Edge Computing, and other cloud computing concepts have begun to take hold in companies and will expand in the coming years.

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Institute Positive Change in Your Company with Cloud Computing

This bundle can help you automate cloud processes and increase efficiency.