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AI is Disrupting Higher Education — Will Traditional Colleges Survive?

AI is booming, and students are using it to navigate assignments. Will colleges survive?

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Which Ivy Colleges' Former Students Earn the Highest Salaries? — And No, It Isn't Harvard

Despite the prestige of names like Yale and Harvard (those two ranked No. 6 and No. 7, respectively) the survey found that a different Ivy education can help bring in the bucks.


4 Best Practices for Smarter Higher-Education Admissions Procedures

Here are four key tips higher education institutions can use to build a better admissions process.


How to Make Your Higher Education Institution More Appealing to Prospective Students

College enrollment has been declining since 2010. Here are a few strategies to attract more prospective students to your institution.

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Extortion, Sex Trafficking, and Dirty Money: Hulu's New 'Stolen Youth' Crime Series Unpacks Larry Ray's Sarah Lawrence College Cult

Larry Ray has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for using manipulation to extort millions from his victims.

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7 Tips for College Graduates Looking to Jump Into the Small Business World

Interested in acting on your entrepreneurial ambitions right out of college? Here are seven tips to get started.


This 27-Year-Old Yale Alum Has a College Prep Company With a 100% Harvard Acceptance Rate on Early Applications. Here's How He Does It — and How Much It Costs.

Christopher Rim, founder of education and admissions consultancy Command Education, uses an emotionally intelligent, near-peer approach to get kids into the Ivy League.

Starting a Business

Should Your Kid Go to College? 4 Questions Entrepreneur Parents Should Ask Themselves

Our entrepreneurial household is weighing the pros and cons of a full-time post-secondary education. As a mom, psychologist and entrepreneur, here's what I'm asking.

Starting a Business

How to Help Your Gen Z Kid Find Success

The path to profit is no longer tied to a four-year degree.

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Higher Education in the Face of New Technologies Is an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Reducing the failure rate, promoting equal opportunities and allowing the mastery of new technologies are fundamental challenges for education in 2022.

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Take the Path Less Traveled to Unlock Your Full Potential

Determine what success means to you - then tailor your course to get there.


Is a Marketing Degree Worth It in the 2020s?

Five insider factors to consider before committing.

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Want to Work at Meta? How Budding Entrepreneurs Can Build a Tech CV in College.

Seven strategies to highlight your qualifications for the fast-moving sector -- and other industries as well.


Reversing Higher-Ed Enrollment Declines Starts with Strategic Communication and Demonstrating Return on Investment

To counteract current higher-ed enrollment declines, institutions must connect with their students through strategic communications to create a strong and consistent engagement experience that integrates with other facets of their lives while conveying the value of both academic and co-curricular experiences at their respective institutions.