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How Digital Revolution Is Accelerating a Shift in Consumer Behavior during Property Search

In addition to searching or buying, instances of availing various loans through digital and mobile platforms are fast increasing

Social Media

5 Social Media trends You should Focus on in 2018

Ride these 5 Social media trends, throw away interruptive marketing practices and surf the waves of conversion based marketing

Growth Strategies

10 Things to Keep in Mind while Selling to Indian Traditional Businesses

Having a Sales team with multilingual capability can help in winning over new customers in different segments

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#7 Reasons Co-living Spaces are the Next Big Thing in the Real Estate Industry

Co-living offers an agile living arrangement that not only keeps the costs under control, but also makes the logistics easier.


How These Entrepreneurs are Initiating a Change in the Way India Eats

Though Indian consumers have a fair understanding of dietary habits, many seem to be blindly following myths introduced by the western culture


#7 Psychological Theories Every Marketer Should Consider

The beauty of the theory of reciprocity is that it is premised on the policy of give and take


#3 Gadgets That Should Disappear in 2018

With everyone moving onto using cloud storage, pen drives would become a thing of the past this coming year.

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What's in Store for Indian Consumers in the Coming Times?

India's per capita income is at around $2000 and if we look at other countries, it is the point after which disposable income rises sharply

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How Technology in Retail will Help Unleash its True Potential

Future success of brands will depend majorly on brands'/retailers' ability to engage with their respective customers

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Can India Serve as the Global Export Hub of New Age Mobility Technologies?

The Indian automobile industry has the experience and the know-how to pull off a transformative transition

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#7 Trends That Will Shape Fashion E-Retail in 2018

Consumer needs are more likely to become sophisticated and technology-driven in the years to come


This Software is Indispensable For the BFSI Segment

CRM offers a huge potential to integrate and channelize the current chaotic functioning of BFSI sector


This Company is Solving Last Mile Connectivity Issues in India by Relying on Retailers

The company believes that a human touch is required for consumers who do not understand digitization of finance

Starting a Business

What's The Future of Entrepreneurship

Companies like Uber, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple have changed the rules of the game in a revolutionary manner


Digital Money Lenders Must Focus on Quality of Services to Retain Customers

Digital lenders will have to continue to do more to ensure that customers develop trust and comfort towards their services