#3 Gadgets That Should Disappear in 2018

With everyone moving onto using cloud storage, pen drives would become a thing of the past this coming year.

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With so many gadgets launched in the market every year, a consumer is often spoiled for choices. One often ends up deliberating on the viability of the product based on his/ her personal preferences. On the other hand, for a tech giant making a best-selling gadget is also not easy. There are possibilities for a device not catching up with the consumer's vision. As a result, few gadgets disappear or die a slow death because of the incapability to live up consumer's expectations.

Entrepreneur India spoke to few entrepreneurs to know which gadgets should disappear in 2018:

Pen Drives:

Data requirement is one of the basic requirements in this digital era. Tuhin Roy, Co-Founder, JUMPINGGOOSE (R) feels pen drives will face extinction in next couple of years.

"With everyone moving onto using cloud storage, pen drives would become a thing of the past this coming year. It's the ease of access from across the world, and the safety offered that makes it a popular choice for data sharing and storage," said Roy.

Feature Phones:

For, Dheeraj Sharma, CEO, Playablo, it is hard to imagine if there is a particular gadget that is omnipresent across the masses.

"I would wish that the feature phones make way for smartphones across the length & breadth of the nation. Despite astronomical growth in the usage of the smartphones, it is surprising to see how many feature phone users still persist, particularly in the rural & the underprivileged sections of our society. The underprivileged sections of our society are in the most need of skilling and vocational education to improve their livelihood options. Smartphones offer a whole range of options for that," stressed Sharma

When compared to feature phones, smartphones are much ahead in terms of features, technology, and operating system. The only basic difference between the two is the price tag.

"A number of organizations working towards skill development are increasingly relying on smartphone-based lesson imparting to minimize dependency on physical classes & qualified teachers. Clearly, Feature Phones were great to usher in the telecom revolution but must now make way for the smartphones," he added.

External Hard Drives:

To access data from anywhere, many people are switching to the option of cloud storage. It's also far more convenient option than carrying a hard drive everywhere. According to Ambika Sharma, Founder & MD, Instappy, external hard drives will disappear because cloud and high-speed internet are accessible and consistent. While an external hard drive might only backup data on the computer, cloud storage allows one to save files on any internet-connected device.

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