Ex reclutador de Google revela la primera cosa que no quiere ver en un currículum

Según el CEO del mercado de talentos Continuum, hay que evitar los bloques de texto.


¿Qué es un CV y cómo se escribe uno?

¿Estás aplicando para un puesto de trabajo y te pidieron tu CV? Sigue leyendo para saber qué incluir, cómo darle formato y cómo destacar de los demás candidartos.

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Según un informe, ChatGPT podría quedarse con tu trabajo incluso antes de que lo consigas. Te explicamos por qué

No todos en el área de Recursos Humanos son fanáticos de la inteligencia artificial.


En TikTok abundan los viejos consejos para mejorar tu currículum. Esta ex reclutadora de Microsoft recomienda ignorarlos

Podría ser una mala idea copiar y pegar la descripción de un trabajo en tu currículum. Aquí te explicamos por qué.

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How to Squeeze More Value Out of Your Best Content

However you choose to use content, there are two pivotal ingredients for your success.

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Making Students Globally Competitive While They Learn

Becoming globally competent is not a simple process, but if pursued correctly, it can be achieved successfully, yielding far-reaching benefits that last throughout their lives

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How Music Education is Still Evolving in India

Music education should inculcate a deep awareness and understanding of musical diversity among students.

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Skilling and Staying Relevant : The Only Way to Survive in the Age of Automation

It is essential that students of today are IT fluent and able to exercise their creativity and critical-thinking skills

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#5 Reasons Why a School Should Encourage Entrepreneurship

The skills essential to being an entrepreneur should be inculcated from a young age through schools and their curriculum


Why is There a Growing Need for Edu-preneures in India?

India urgently requires a new breed of edu-preneurs who could potentially transform these institutions.

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This Tutor Used a Blend of Teaching Styles to Reach Kids Worldwide

Even brilliant kids need the right lessons -- and teaching methods. That's what fuels this tutoring franchise.