Data Analysis

How to Conduct Intelligent Document and Data Management

For many companies, critical data is locked on a printed page, stored in a box or sitting on someone's desk. It isn't easy to get that information flowing without scores of people to rekey it into an electronic format. These outdated practices are driving the adoption of intelligent document management.

David Winkler

Use The Power of Analytics for a Better Tomorrow for Your Business

Analytics could be the bedrock of all enterprise B2B strategies, but there are also pitfalls to be on guard against, especially in the changing business scenarios in a post-pandemic world.

Kartik Anand

Stop Using 'Digital Transformation' to Describe Your Business. This Meaningless Buzzword Fails To Spotlight Your Company's Biggest Asset.

Businesses must move away from vague buzzwords surrounding "digital transformation" if they hope to genuinely and clearly get their messaging across.

Stephen Day

Data is the Silver Bullet for Your Business in a Slow Economy

Economic uncertainty can create gaps in your business strategy. Here's why data must be part of the solution

Christal Bemont

How to Achieve Data Quality in the Cloud

The quality of your data may diminish in the cloud. Follow these strategies to mitigate data loss and restore data quality.

Angsuman Dutta

3 Tips for Using Consumer Data to Create More Personalized Experiences

Today's consumers expect personalized experiences from brands, and data is the key to delivering on that promise and improving the overall consumer experience.

Diane Keng

Blockchain Will Change Your Marketing Strategy. Here's How.

Blockchain technology has the potential to trigger a new era of digital marketing accountability that will revolutionize the industry.

Jessica Wong

How Web Scraping Brings Freedom to Research

Data acquisition is the most financial constraining and time-intensive process of research. Web scraping can solve both issues.

3 Reasons Why You Need Data To Scale Your Company

Let's look at how data awareness helps you build a scalable enterprise, pull the data together and leverage it to drive strategic decisions that lead to growth.

Robert Finlay

Using Data Analytics Will Transform Your Business. Here's How.

Many startups incorporate data into their decision-making. Find out what makes analytics so valuable.

Eric Tolic

How to Integrate Data-Driven Content Marketing Into Your Content Strategy

The meteoric rise in the impact of content in the role of business has led to businesses maximizing content marketing in different dimensions. With the dependence on data as a critical driver for business growth, ahead lies a goldmine waiting to be explored.

Using MarketBeat Market Data Tools To Find Strong Stocks in a Bear Market

A bear market occurs when the underlying stock or index falls at least 20% from its highs for more than 60-days. Find stocks using MarketBeat tools.

Jea Yu