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Analyzing Customer Behavior Can Shape Your Future Marketing Campaigns

Seven steps to understanding your customers' needs, wants, and motivations.

The Demise of Third-Party Cookies: Retaining the Sweet Spot

Despite delays and hurdles, the third-party cookie is still on death row. What happens after it is gone? What new strategies will digital marketers need to put in place to continue with the cookie's advantages?

Kartik Anand

Why Businesses Should Take a Cultured Approach to Data

Becoming data-driven is a cultural shift that has to be supported by technical progress, not the other way around.

How Is Adani Group Streamlining Customer Engagement

WebEngage has partnered with Adani Group to help the company engage with its customers on multiple levels across the company's product and service offerings

Shrabona Ghosh

How to Lead With Empathy Powered by Data

Take a look at three essential considerations for implementing a workforce analytics platform that will help you lead with more empathy and better data.

Ramon Chen

The Shocking Ways Data Bias Makes Women 'Irrelevant,' and What We Can Do to Stop It

Ways in which research and "standards" - from heathcare to urban planning - have long skewed towards men and their perspectives: how to change them for the betterment of women, and the world.

Every Business Can Work More Efficiently With Better Data

Learn Python, cluster analysis, data visualization, and more.

The 5 Critical Components of a Great Customer Journey Map

From clear goals and actionable insights to an omnichannel view of the customer experience, how to fashion this pivotal business building block.

5 Reasons Why Data-Driven Companies Should Start Using Synthetic Data

Any company that depends upon data utilization knows that real-world data is challenging in terms of both cost and overall applicability: How synthetic data is increasingly coming to the rescue.

Ralph Tkatchuk

2 Free Resources That Will Help You Avoid Paying Consultants

Where does a business owner go to find relevant analysis?

Stav Vaisman

When LinkedIn is Good for Entrepreneurs, and When It Isn't

As much as I adore LinkedIn, there are some areas where the platform isn't ideal.

Jenny Karn