Julius Černiauskas

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO of Oxylabs

Julius Černiauskas is Lithuania’s technology industry leader & the CEO of Oxylabs, covering topics on web scraping, big data, machine learning, tech trends & business leadership.


Growing a Business

How to Survive the Startup Roller Coaster in Times of Economic Uncertainty

As investments slow down, the future for startups is becoming a little clouded. Yet, with a change in strategy and approach, surviving any downturn is more than possible.

Science & Technology

How Web Scraping Brings Freedom to Research

Data acquisition is the most financial constraining and time-intensive process of research. Web scraping can solve both issues.

Money & Finance

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News: Alternative Data for Short-Term Forecasts

Alternative data is shaping the finance industry by providing previously unseen insights. I argue that it's perfect for short-term forecasts but may be not as great as a long-term performance indicator.

Money & Finance

Understanding Market Anomalies Through Alternative Data

Alternative data might be the way to explain market anomalies by turning them into regular phenomena that can be analyzed.

Science & Technology

Why Businesses Should Take a Cultured Approach to Data

Becoming data-driven is a cultural shift that has to be supported by technical progress, not the other way around.

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