Julius Černiauskas

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO of Oxylabs

Julius Černiauskas is Lithuania’s technology industry leader & the CEO of Oxylabs, covering topics on web scraping, big data, machine learning, tech trends & business leadership.

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How to Make Your Ecommerce Business Truly Sustainable (and Why It's Important)

Effective data collection solutions help overcome the challenges of shifting to more sustainable ecommerce practices.

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Overcome Startup Growth Challenges in 2024 By Utilizing This Valuable Resource

Although there is some hope that the venture capital market is slowly stabilizing, the upcoming year will still be competitive for most startups. Here's a solution that can help some to get ahead in the Hunger Games.

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7 Next-Generation Security Recommendations to Safeguard Your Data

The cyber threat landscape is growing rapidly, forcing organizations to adapt innovative measures to counter new attack vectors. Learn about emerging methods of data protection that go beyond standard security protocols.

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How to Survive the Startup Roller Coaster in Times of Economic Uncertainty

As investments slow down, the future for startups is becoming a little clouded. Yet, with a change in strategy and approach, surviving any downturn is more than possible.

Science & Technology

How Web Scraping Brings Freedom to Research

Data acquisition is the most financial constraining and time-intensive process of research. Web scraping can solve both issues.

Money & Finance

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News: Alternative Data for Short-Term Forecasts

Alternative data is shaping the finance industry by providing previously unseen insights. I argue that it's perfect for short-term forecasts but may be not as great as a long-term performance indicator.

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