Julius  Černiauskas

Julius Černiauskas

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO of Oxylabs

Julius Černiauskas is Lithuania’s technology industry leader & the CEO of Oxylabs, covering topics on web scraping, big data, machine learning, tech trends & business leadership.


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Buy the Rumor, Sell the News: Alternative Data for Short-Term Forecasts

Alternative data is shaping the finance industry by providing previously unseen insights. I argue that it's perfect for short-term forecasts but may be not as great as a long-term performance indicator.

Understanding Market Anomalies Through Alternative Data

Alternative data might be the way to explain market anomalies by turning them into regular phenomena that can be analyzed.

Why Businesses Should Take a Cultured Approach to Data

Becoming data-driven is a cultural shift that has to be supported by technical progress, not the other way around.

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