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As Privacy Concerns Increase, Look Deeper Than Data for Innovation Opportunities

With governments and companies alike making privacy a priority, data-related innovation is about to become everyone's big project.

Duncan Wardle

Why Growth Strategy for Your Brand Needs to Revolve Around High-Value User Acquisition

Quick wins are great in UA, but it's better to think long-term and focus on people that demonstrate greater lifetime value.

Why You Should Look at Data for Smart Marketing

Good marketing strategies are not birthed merely in experience, connections or gut-feel anymore.

Kartik Anand

4 Ways Blockchain Can Transform Insurance

Advancements in this breakthrough technology are spurring innovation across the insurance industry, including coverage for crops, flights and travel delays, shipping and live events.

Adelyn Zhou

3 Ways to Eliminate Data Biases at Your Company

Data may be the future, but it's anything but perfect in the present.

Rashan Dixon

Data in 4 Flavors, and the Demise of the Cookie

A crash course in how ecommerce-transaction information is categorized, and how it's changing rapidly.

Vivek Sharma

Get an Online Introduction to Data Analysis With This Pre-Black Friday Sale

Every entrepreneur should learn data analysis basics, especially with a discount.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Be Influenced by Data

Great data analysis might just give you a leg up when it comes to pitching your ideas.

Peter Mulford

The 3 Principals of Building Anti-Bias AI

Why your company needs to apply best practices in eliminating discriminatory bias in your artificial-intelligence systems -- and key principles in applying them.

Salil Pande

How to Collect Digital Marketing Data in 5 Easy Steps

Data insights will enable you to create innovative solutions, allowing you to achieve your goals -- and then some.

Nick Chernets

Who Owns the Internet?

See how ownership has an impact on SMEs.

Tanveer Zafar