Data Privacy

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Microsoft to Pay $20 Million Settlement for 'Illegally' Retaining Children's Information

The Federal Trade Commission says Microsoft violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by collecting children who signed up for its Xbox system's information and failing to obtain parental consent.

Business News

Meta Slammed With $1.3 Billion Fine For Violating EU Privacy Policy

The company intends to appeal the ruling, including the "unjustified and unnecessary fine."

Business News

TikTok Tracked People Who Viewed Gay Content, Categorizes Users In 'Clusters'

Former employees said that for "at least a year," workers could view sensitive information about watch patterns on a dashboard.

Business News

FTC Says Facebook Violated 2020 Privacy Order, Proposes More Protections for Teens and Children

This is the third instance wherein the FTC says Facebook allegedly failed to protect user privacy.

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A Tech Entrepreneur Talks About Her Best Selling Book On Data Privacy

Whether working, speaking, or writing, Jodi Daniels is passionate about helping companies and CEOs have the right information to keep their company headed in the right direction in a data-centric era

News and Trends

Apple Launches 'Today at Session' On Data Privacy Day

According to the blog post, the new feature will activate on January 28

Growing a Business

In the Fight for Privacy, Web Cookies Are Disappearing. Here's What That Means for Your Company's Advertising Strategy.

Privacy is becoming prioritized and third-party cookies are disappearing. Instead of spending more to reach the exact same audience, businesses will have to find another way to help them reach their audiences more efficiently and effectively.

Science & Technology

Email Protection for WordPress Helps Keep Your Customer's Emails Safe

It protects the email addresses displaying on your website from detection and grabbing by web crawlers.


Playing By The Book

Chapman looks at creating strong corporate governance protocolsfor better compliance


Blockchain To Revolutionize the Lending Space In the Fintech Industry

With increasing focus on the payments segment and closely followed by securities and trade finance, blockchain will focus on evolving complexity and delivery timeframe

Social Media

Big Tech Uses Data to the Detriment of Consumer Health, But We're Addicted. So What's the Solution?

These companies use our data to play upon some of our worst insecurities and dopamine receptors, creating a web-browsing experience that has even been compared to gambling.

Science & Technology

How to Navigate Data Privacy Regulations When Deploying Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Four best practices for prioritizing privacy regulations so that blockchain or any other digital transformation initiatives can succeed


The Data-Driven Future of Healthcare Is Everyone's Opportunity, and Everyone's Responsibility

After decades analyzing the intersections of science, healthcare, business and data, this MD and entrepreneur offers her vision of a more ethical and better-performing wellness industry.

Science & Technology

Bad Data: The $3 Trillion-Per-Year Problem That's Actually Solvable

How the right tech can help entrepreneurs make data more accessible and accurate, avoiding massive losses in the process.


Data in 4 Flavors, and the Demise of the Cookie

A crash course in how ecommerce-transaction information is categorized, and how it's changing rapidly.