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How DEI and Sustainability Can Grow Your Triple Bottom Line

Saying your business values people and the planet is one thing, while actually centering diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability is another. And doing it right could lead to higher profits, more innovation and happier employees.


Solving Organizational Diversity Is Still an Issue: The Cost Is Steep, But the Rewards Are High

This article includes information about the costs for failing to solve organization diversity issues and the simple tactics that can resolve them.

Thought Leaders

How Danielle Coke's Art Activism Helps Businesses Message DEI

The illustrator and content creator also known as Happy Dani talks with 'Entrepreneur' about her unique business model and how brands can elevate Black content creators.

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What Meaningful Mentorship For Women Employees Should Look Like

Successful mentoring creates positive impacts for the mentor, mentee and the organization itself. For female leaders, these relationships can help lift you out of career valleys and cheer you on at career peaks.

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How Jasmin Foster's Black Woman-Owned Stationery Brand Is Bringing DEI to Target

We spoke with Foster, whose is the first Black woman-owned stationery brand to make it on the retail giant's shelves, about shaking up her industry and keeping diversity, equity and inclusion top of mind.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives Are Incomplete Without This Essential Dimension

A growing body of research indicates that groups representing a range of different perspectives outperform those with similar, even if demonstrably superior, skills.


Here's How to Have the Most Powerful DEI Conversations

Critical discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion don't have to feel difficult or uncomfortable. Community agreements are the answer.


3 Ways White Male Leaders Can Fight White Supremacy

Identity-related work helps leaders build culture.


Diversity Starts at the Top: Embrace Different Perspectives for Maximum Success

In order to be successful, companies must diversify at the highest levels -- not just among the employee base.


Want Your Employees To Stay? Be Accountable To Your DEI Goals

Workers want more than just a paycheck, they want purpose and belonging. Employers can weather this wave of resignations by creating an environment of belonging.


Board Diversity: Why It's More Important Than Ever

Now that Nasdaq requires boards to include diverse members, companies will benefit from a multitude of experiences and perspectives.


How to Restructure Your Organization with DEI at the Forefront

The demand for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has exploded across the business world. If your company is restructuring, here's how to do right by your employees.


Employee Experience Is Changing. Are You Changing With It?

In order for all employees to feel a deep sense of belonging regardless of their background or demographics, we need to measure employee experience in a way that matches the lived employee experience.


3 Ways Leaders Can Step Into Accountability for Diversity and Inclusion

Here's what you can do as employees and customers expect you to lead more inclusively.


How Diversity Helped Bring My Company Together

By allowing employees a safe place to discuss social justice and providing training on how to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we have been able to create a better workplace for everyone.