Digital Economy

Business Spending Market In India Is Expected To Reach $15 Trillion: Report

The report also stated that while demonetization urged businesses to explore alternatives to physical modes of payment, the pandemic normalized it as business as usual and helped gain wider acceptance

Teena Jose

Data is the Silver Bullet for Your Business in a Slow Economy

Economic uncertainty can create gaps in your business strategy. Here's why data must be part of the solution

Christal Bemont

Here's What All Game Developers Need To Know Before Launching Their Own NFT Marketplace

NFTs have revolutionized the gaming industry, presenting a unique opportunity for game developers to build their own NFT marketplace. But what should they consider before taking the plunge?

Tanveer Zafar

Intel India Opens New Design And Engineering Center In Bengaluru

The new state-of-the-art facility was inaugurated by Union minister of state, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, stating the country's aspiration to digitalize its economy with a focus on innovation and engineering excellence

Teena Jose

Indian Digital Economy To Reach $1 Trillion By 2025, Says Narendra Modi

The Prime minister said that the key pillar of India's current economic recovery is technology-led growth and government's innovation-friendly policies

Teena Jose

The New Creative Economy Within Web 3.0

Web 3.0 will be a place where anyone can share information without worrying about censorship, and people can create content without worrying about getting paid for it.

7 Ways to Protect Yourself in the World of NFTs

Heighten your awareness and self-preservation against scammers and hackers in this digital marketplace.

Nick Brucker

3 Mistakes to Avoid With Your First E-Commerce Store

As a flood of entrepreneurs moves online, many are getting caught in the same traps.

Ben Crudo

The 5 Trends Fueling the Rise of the Digital-First Economy

While making the strategic decisions crucial to the success of your business in a digital future is not easy, understanding the five trends contributing to the evolution of the digital economy is critical.

How Cryptocurrency Will Disrupt the Banking Industry in Latin America

As Latin American countries flock to cryptocurrency, they are creating a spot for themselves in the digital global economy where cryptocurrency is a key player.

Tony Delgado

Role Of the IT Sector In Transforming India To a Digitally Enabled Country

India has been gradually adopting digital services in the last five years, but it took the fear unleashed by COVID-19 for its masses to go digital 'fast and furiously'

Sandeep Sekhar

Why 'Knowledge Entrepreneurship' Is Taking Off

A new class of entrepreneurs has emerged with technological advances in online learning and connectivity.

Greg Smith