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U.S. Government and 17 States Sue Amazon Over Alleged Anticompetitive Practices That Led to Higher Prices for Consumers

The FTC and state attorneys general claim that Amazon has used its dominant position to favor its own products and services, which has harmed third-party sellers on its platform.

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10 Ways to Reimagine Retail and Virtual Shopping Since COVID-19

In the post-COVID era, virtual shopping experiences are revolutionizing the retail landscape, merging the efficiency of technology with the personal touch of traditional shopping.

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Flipkart To Invest $20 Million For In-House Credit Marketplace Startup

The project is led by senior VP Prakash Sikaria, who also leads Flipkart's social commerce platform Shopsy


5 Ways to Capture Millennial and Gen Z Customers

The rise of Millennial and Gen Z powerhouses and how they are shaping the shopping landscape, forcing companies to adapt or risk being left behind.



RestHero is a social media commerce platform that is powered by artificial intelligence, which enables retailers and home-based businesses to sell directly on all social media.


How to Use Buy with Prime to Benefit Your Brand and Customers

Amazon's Buy with Prime gives sellers the best of both worlds, integrating Amazon's Prime benefits into their own brands' websites.

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E-Commerce Firm Meesho Aims To Digitize 10 Million Sellers By 2027

This goal signifies a ten-fold increase from the SoftBank-backed firm's current seller base of 1.3 million

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Amazon Slashes Dozens of In-House Brands. Did Your Favorite Line Get Cut?

Amazon is trimming in-house brands in its private-label business, including going from 30 to three clothing labels.

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Meesho Announces Its First Monthly Profit And Plans For IPO

Meesho Founder and CEO Vidit Aatrey said that a 43% surge in order volumes and 54% increase in revenue in the last 12 month contributed to the profitability of the company

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E-Commerce Policy Is Expected To Be Released Soon: Report

As per available reports, the e-commerce policy will be aligned with Amendment to Consumer Protection (Ecommerce) Rules, 2020 that seeks to address complaints against unfair trade practices

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How Amazon Got Americans to Spend $12.7 Billion in 2 Days Without Lifting a Finger

It's time for a prime day post-mortem. Amazon Prime Day was bigger than ever. What's next for the world's largest retailer's shopping holiday?

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Overstock Is Now Bed Bath & Beyond, Website Redirects

The online furniture retailer announced Overstock will change its name to Bed Bath & Beyond in June.

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'Truly Unprecedented': If You Are Hoping to Score a Lionel Messi Soccer Jersey, You Are Going to Wait a Very Long Time

The soccer superstar's authentic Inter Miami jersey is sold out through October.


How to Balance Ecommerce and Brick-and-Mortar Shopping Expectations Through Relationship Marketing

Here's how relationship marketing is critical to balancing ecommerce and brick-and-mortar shopping expectations.

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Why Africa Is Becoming the Next Serious Player in Entrepreneurship

Africa's entrepreneurial future is not just promising — it's already unfolding.