10 Books Every Leader Should Read to Be Successful

Reading is the only proven shortcut to success.

Deep Patel

· 6 min read

U.S. Economy Sees Best Performance in Two Years

Strong consumer spending has fueled the boost.


· 4 min read

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Drive Economic Development

Entrepreneurs create businesses, businesses create jobs and people with jobs make good customers.

Ed Sappin

· 6 min read

Firms Have to Approach Emerging Markets as Investors, Not 'Tourists'

As long as investors keep hopping from one country to the next, they perpetuate the cycle of capital flight from areas that desperately need cash and continuity.

Konstantin Makarov

· 5 min read

The World's 10 Most Expensive Cities

When one thinks of the world's most expensive cities, images of New York and London probably pop to mind. But those two do not even make the list.

Jessica Hartogs

· 2 min read

Guaranteed Basic Income Is Not Worth the Risks of Experimentation

As with all economic policies, basic income needs to be based on the balance sheet not the good intentions of Silicon Valley.

Ray Hennessey

· 8 min read

U.S. Created 38,000 Jobs in May Vs. 162,000 Expected

'There's one word for it, which is just shocking,' said Dan North, chief economist at Euler Hermes North America. 'Unfortunately it does look like a trend. It's not great news.'

Jeff Cox

· 3 min read

Prepare for a Massive Recession

We are in for very hard economic times but the media can't tell you about it until it's too late.

Grant Cardone

· 4 min read

What Job Field Saw the Biggest Wage Growth?

A new report also highlights the biggest loser.

Lindsay Friedman

· 3 min read

Brush Up on Your Manners and Learn How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life With These Books

Start thinking differently about entrepreneurship with the help of today's best storytellers and successful business professionals.

Rebekah Iliff

· 7 min read

Report: It's Getting Harder and Harder to Become a Homeowner

RealtyTrac found that home price growth exceeded wage growth in nearly two thirds of the nation's housing markets so far this year.


· 3 min read

This Industry Just Had an Incredible Year

Jedi warriors, genetically modified dinosaurs and a gang of rescue pups helped the toy industry deliver its most robust growth figures in more than a decade.

Krystina Gustafson

· 2 min read