Mujeres emprendedoras

Nuevo programa para formar mujeres en análisis de datos en varios países de América Latina

Laboratoria, que busca incorporar a más mujeres a la industria tecnológica, lanzó un programa de formación en análisis de datos disponible en Chile, Colombia, México y Perú.


AR Engineering

AR Engineering offers an immersive technology platform for learning and training designed to bridge knowledge and skills gaps for academia and enterprises.



Arabee offers revolutionary Arabic language learning: interactive, engaging, offline and online tools catering to diverse learning styles.



Duverse is a company born and based in Dubai that offers turnkey metaverse and artificial intelligence solutions to enhance the performance of various sectors.


Por qué las startups españolas de edtech y climatetech van a América y muestran el camino a seguir en la región

Los ecosistemas de España y Latinoamérica comparten más que solo un idioma: su colaboración cada vez más estrecha en los ámbitos de la educación y la lucha contra el cambio climático está demostrando que el potencial es más grande de lo que todos imaginamos.


La plataforma escolar Fidu recibió $5 millones de dólares de capital semilla y continúa su expansión por Latinoamérica

Tras levantar $5 millones de dólares en su ronda semilla, esta plataforma espera expandirse a más países de latinoamérica con su solución de transformación digital para las escuelas.


How Should the Edutech Industry Preserve Momentum During and After the Covid-19 Cataclysm?

With students facing a severe discontinuity of their learning process, it is up to the e-learning platforms to supplement the educational loss of students as well as the professional void of teachers


This Birla Scion is Innovating Indian Education

There's pressure but Nirvaan Birla calls it a privilege to be a part of the age-old Birla household


5 Biggest Challenges and Solutions of Unstructured and Non-Standardized Co-Curricular Education

Though the benefits of a co-curricular education are beyond dispute on the global stage, the concept remains a relatively new one to Indian audiences


5 Major Challenges Early Age EdTech Startups face in India

50 per cent of the mobile users in India, roughly 250 million, are less than 25 years old and could potentially use it for education


Lines, Curves & Charts: The Power of Analytics in Education

The following analytics with Individualized Education Plans ensures that both Student performances and School reputations improve


Megatrends for Edtech in India in 2019

Here are megatrends that will bring disruption in edutech in 2019


EduTech - An Answer to Modern Day Education

Edutech is a novel way of helping students attain their dreams and Vedantu is trying to achieve the same


Video Learning to Transform High School Education in India

Obstacles such as unavailability of coaching centres in the vicinity and lack of parental support to study in a co-ed environment are being overcome by video learning


5 Tips for Education Institutes for their Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is now a critical part of their promotional strategy of the educational institutes