5 Tips for Education Institutes for their Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is now a critical part of their promotional strategy of the educational institutes

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Videos are now everywhere on digital media, brands are using it to reach out to customers with new content at regular intervals, social influencers are using it to connect with their target audience and even customers are now using it to give their feedback and talk to brands and companies more actively through videos. As per the recent report on video consumption by Facebook 82 per cent people prefer video content to any other form of content on social media. Globally also 81 per cent of companies use some form of video marketing today.

Content marketing has become highly personal and brands rely a lot on data to create engaging video content. According to the Facebook report on the video publishers in India, there are certain trends that been seen actively amongst the customers engaging with branded content. 61 per cent of customers rely more on companies that are creating customized content. Content personalization as per the audience holds key to the loyal audience. 82 per cent customers surveyed online preferred live videos on Facebook over any other kind of posts.

As an educational institute, these trends only indicate one thing that is to get active on brand promotion through video content. The target audiences students and parents that the education institutes cater to are consuming maximum video content. Hence here in are few key points education institutes can incorporate into their video marketing strategy.

Customize the content as per platform- the one video fits all strategy does not work on digital media. Education marketers need to understand the general video viewing partners on various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all differ and hence videos need to be customized in terms of messaging and duration for each of the platforms. Customizing the content gives marketers better ROI on there spends.

Being Authentic- Students and parents are looking to understand the campus and the other facilities through the videos and it's always great to incorporate the collage images and life at college in the video and making it as close to reality as possible given parents a realistic view of the college or institute being marketed online.

Add Text- Many time's viewers are watching video on mute on social feeds and hence it's very important to add text to your video content. Interesting captions and bullet point information on placement records, key highlights of the courses and quotes might be a good text.

Keeping It Short- The attention span of the target audience is not more than 8 seconds on digital content and hence if the video is too long then it might not work with the students. It's important that the first 10 seconds of the video are impactful to grab the attention of students.

Promote the Video- It's important to promote the video and adding a call to action in your emails and other social media to promote the video. Videos have a higher reach on digital media with the right amount of spends can reach to the target audience faster. Sending the video link in the email message is a tactic, which works for many brands and also helps to build the organic algorithm.

For higher education institutes especially video marketing is now a critical part of their promotional strategy and most engaging component for students, staff and parents. Taking cues from international universities like Harvard, the University of Chicago and many more who have active youtube channels and producing content video's are playing an important role in college/ university promotion.

Ankit Khare

Director & Co-Founder at Unipro Education Pvt. Ltd

Ankit is a digital media specialist with a proven record of success in Online Advertising, Media sales, and Digital marketing.He  is well-versed with the emerging E age Media space and have rich experience on various online advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Google Adsense, Global Ad exchanges, behavioral Re-targeting, Ad networks, Email marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. He is currently heading Unipro Education a Digital Media Company, which is set to offer strategic digital media solution to education category advertisers in emerging markets.

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