Peter J. Burns III

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor


Peter J. Burns III, a successful serial entrepreneur, has started or helped start over 200 businesses over the last 40 years. Most recently, he started Burns Funding to help entrepreneurs secure funding and Millennial Queenmaker, a company that helps young women become successful entrepreneurs.

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Money & Finance

How to Leverage Credit Cards for Business Growth (the Right Way)

By being aware of the risks and embracing best practices, entrepreneurs can make the most of credit cards.

Starting a Business

How Much Capital Does Your Startup Need? Here Are 7 Key Factors to Consider.

Here's what you need to assess when determining the amount of capital your startup needs — and how adequate funding can enhance your chances of success.

Thought Leaders

Diversification and Its Role in Entrepreneurial Success

How do you embrace diversification as an entrepreneur? Here are three very simple ways.

Thought Leaders

Exploring the Ten Habits of Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Winning as an entrepreneur depends on embracing certain best practices.


Explorando los diez hábitos de ser un emprendedor exitoso

Ganar como emprendedor depende de adoptar ciertas mejores prácticas.

Thought Leaders

Believe in Yourself and Entrepreneurial Success Will Follow

Confidence and being a risk-taker go hand-in-hand in making it as an entrepreneur.

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