Megatrends for Edtech in India in 2019

Here are megatrends that will bring disruption in edutech in 2019

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By Alok Katiyar


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With the Unified digitization in the World, Education Technology aka Edtech, today, carries the potential to bring revolutionary changes in the education system. The Edtech startups are providing personalized classroom experience for aspirants of all sorts of competitive examinations.

In this article, we talk about the megatrends in 2019 that will see the driving forces for the potential growth of edtech startups in India.

1.) Focus on learnings in Vernacular Languages- Education in the local languages is going to be a massive hit with a lot of startup focusing on this as a new area where improvement is much needed. Around only 10per cent of the total population can speak English, the vernacular is a big opportunity.

2.) Imitating the Classroom Environment in Virtual Learning - From the past couple of years, many learning platforms have been introduced. However, all of them were only focusing on the teaching aspects of the learning leaving the social aspect of learning untouched. In 2019, many platforms will adopt the social aspect of learning and will provide methods to increase the interaction between teacher-Student and Student-Student.

3.) MicroLearning Modules- It's a more effective way of teaching various concepts and it is as per the digital consumption habit of young digital consumers. Instead of providing a long lecture with a lot of companies such as Khan Academy are focusing on learning via micro modules by breaking the entire lecture in sub-concepts. It is more effective in terms of learning also.

4.) The Rise of AR & VR in Education- The adoption of AR & VR is highly due in education. Very few startups are working in this area as of now. This will be the biggest contributors in developing the interactive content and in increasing the engagement in online learning. There will be a high demand for this technology in skill building and upskilling across the industries where hands-on experience is required.

5.) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:- AI and ML is becoming a crucial part of education. Armed with AI & ML, entrepreneurs are focusing on improving education. The use of AI is not limited to speech recognition or planning only. It is being used to provide adaptive and personalized learning because all size doesn't fit all.

6.) Gamification:- The demand to use gamification in the education products will keep rising as long as entrepreneur aspires to make learning more fun and engaging. By introducing various gamification methods such as game elements or a blend of learning and video games, platforms can increase the concentration level of students.

This trend is also catching up with other vertices in education apart from K-12.

7.) Analytics- The use of analytics will be on the top in order to make the learning process more seamless by analyzing the existing data. It will remain a crucial trend in order to predict students' learning behaviour.

8.) Use of Collaborative Tools in Learning- This will be a major trend in order to build a hybrid environment. Future will see the development of new tools which we are learning in the classroom and learning in the outside environment together.

9.) STEAM- This trend will see a high rise in future. It focuses on developing critical thinking among the students with the use of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Alok Katiyar

Co-Founder and CEO, MadGuy Labs

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