Expert Speak

Addressing the Undercurrent of Fear Towards AI in the Workforce

Despite the slight hiccup brought in by the possible economic slowdown, businesses will continue to focus on maximizing returns from AI use cases

Prashanth Kaddi

The Road to Car Safety

Government is providing incentives to bring long term sustainable change on fuel dependence, manufacturers are investing in new age advanced technologies and consumer is more aware than ever, asking many questions that matter, above all 'Safety

Rajat Mahajan

The Trials And Tribulations Of A Woman Tech Founder

Cultivating your tribe outside of your job – but still inside the industry – becomes a necessary step to fill that relatability gap: Neha Sampat

Neha Sampat

D2C 2.0: Digital, Phygital, and Beyond

D2C itself has moved so quickly in the past five years, that what we see today is actually a new version. What I'd like to simply call D2C 2.0: Kanwaljit Singh

Lessons Startups Can Draw From 'Business Institutions'

Organisations like TCS grew, but not at the scorching pace which startups today are synonymous with

How Learning & Development Help in Scaling Up

In today's challenging business environment, learning a new skill to upgrade yourself and remain relevant is an absolute necessity

4 Sports Strategies You Can Use to Succeed in Business

Whether you're planning an Ironman or company's business strategy, you can apply some practices of the sport to become a more successful business professional.

Key Learnings to Succeed in the Japanese Market

Samay Kohli, Chief Executive Officer, GreyOrange, considered their successful entrance in Japan a strategic advantage in positioning themselves as global leaders in fulfillment automation.

Samay Kohli

Leaders of Change Form Communities of Action

Looking behind the gloomy macro-economic numbers, a new picture of leaders is visible - a picture which gives more hope, a picture of fireflies arising, pens down Arun Maira, Author, Transforming Systems and Former Member of Planning Commission of India.

Arun Maira

Revamp Your Business Model by Digital Transformation

The world of connected devices enables us to summon everything from banking to shopping to entertainment with a few finger taps. Rajan Kohli, President, Wipro Digital, feels digital transformation is a big business mandate.

Rajan Kohli

Everything You Should Know About Angel Investors

When do angel investors turn into demons? Kallol Borah, CEO and Co-Founder, Verified AG, warns of three kinds of angels.

Kallol Borah

Key Points to Remember While Closing Investment Deals

Archana Tewary, Partner, J Sagar Associates, lists down six key points to seal the deal.

Archana Tewary