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Quiet Quitting and Strategic Solutions From layoffs and lulls to sudden surges in hiring, and even "The Great Resignation," these past few years have brought an array of HR trends to the forefront

By May Yang

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From layoffs and lulls to sudden surges in hiring, and even "The Great Resignation," these past few years have brought an array of HR trends to the forefront. In the last few months alone, we have witnessed several pertinent trends emerge, some of which are taking the corporate world by force. As we look towards 2023, organizations must seize the opportunity to explore these practices and prioritize learning to navigate them.

Quiet Quitting

You have probably heard the term but what exactly is 'quiet quitting,' and why has it gained notable traction so rapidly? In the simplest of terms, quiet quitting is when someone is doing the bare minimum. In a culture that glorifies hard work and going above and beyond, many corporations have already seen the residual effects of this trend. And while quiet quitting is not a practice that involves quitting in the literal sense, it refers to solely completing one's given tasks and opting out of any work besides what has been assigned.

While some feel quiet quitting represents boundarysetting and a commitment to maintaining mental health, family, and a greater work-life balance, others feel that the practice is doing more harm than good. Some have wondered whether there is a more productive route to take, such as freely speaking up about experiencing burnout or even unionizing as a collective protection mechanism, for those that feel inclined to engage in quiet quitting. Regardless of your stance on the trend, one thing is certain. Quiet quitting suggests that employees feel the exchange between themselves and their employers is unbalanced. In other words, if exceeding expectations in the workplace is usually met with benefits or increased incentives, such as career success for employees, quiet quitting implies that this may no longer be the case.

Having identified that many employees do not feel recognition or investment on behalf of their employers, it is crucial to consider how your company can ensure your employees feel genuinely valued.

Scenario Planning on the Rise

Scenario planning encourages teams to imagine a host of different, plausible scenarios for the future. Then, with these possible futures in mind, to begin to think and plan strategically. These are not business forecasts or predictions, but opportunities to practice responding to an array of potential outcomes.

Scenario planning is not a new concept, but it is one that has gained prominence in recent times. In the face of quiet quitting, layoffs and more, scenario planning offers refuge. Covid-19 revealed that unprecedented scenarios can disarm even the most powerful corporations.

Embracing Employee Experience

Right behind scenario planning is another future-forward HR trend gaining traction: a reprioritization of employee experience. Approaching employee experience from a total wellbeing standpoint means holistically considering the mental, physical, and financial health of your employees. Prioritizing employee growth both professionally and personally creates a more authentic relationship between employers and their teams.

Looking Ahead

As our companies' and clients' needs continue to grow, we are all searching for skilled talent to join our expert teams. The future focus will be on retaining those employees with strategic approaches.

May Yang

MD and Global Head of Operations, Synechron

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