Why You Have to Let People Fail Now So They Can Succeed Later

Letting people fail helps them think critically and make their own decisions.


4 Ways to Support Your Child Through the College Acceptance (and Rejection) Process

Rejections from dream colleges can cause distress and disappointment for students. But with a healthy and understanding environment at home, created with these four strategies, you can help your teen cope and bounce back.

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5 Ways to Move Forward After Shutting Down Your Business

Did you have to make the tough decision to close down your business? Here are 5 ways to help you on the journey of recovery from business failure to your new entrepreneurial adventure.


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From Stress to Success — 6 Ways to Turn Your Fears into Resilience

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This is the Real Secret to Success — How to Lead Even When You Are Losing

Everybody likes to win. Nobody likes to lose. But what teaches you more? As in, which experience does more for us—personally and also professionally speaking?

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10 Lessons I Learned From Failing My First Acquisition

Even though my first acquisition went to the grave, these ten lessons prepared me for my next venture.

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Most Websites Fail — And Yours Could Be One of Them If You Don't Follow These Expert-Backed Lessons

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What to Do When You Fail to Live Up to Your Own Expectations

My product launch was a failure. But here's why that became a good thing.


Yes, We're Still Messing Up Hybrid Work. Here's Where Exactly We're Going Wrong.

With managers recognizing new skill requirements for hybrid work yet lacking proper training, there's an urgent need for adaptation and training in management practices.

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3 Cognitive Pitfalls That Are Ruining Your Business — How to Unravel the Biases in Decision-Making

By cultivating awareness and grounding actions in deep research, business leaders can overcome these pitfalls and beat their own brains.


What Taylor Swift, Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About Embracing Failure

Failure is not a four-letter word; it's a stepping stone to success

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Stop Doubling Down on Your Failing Strategy — Take Control By Taking These Steps Instead.

When a brand's core strategy fails, what's next?

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When My Startup Failed, I Was Hopeless and Left in Tears. Here Are the Lessons That Helped Me Restart and Launch Three Successful Companies.

The best lessons — the ones that stick with us — often come from our darkest moments.