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Jerome Powell Says the Housing Market Correction 'Reset' Is Already Underway

Reporters pressed Fed chair Jerome Powell to clarify what he meant by the term.

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The Fed Raised Interest Rates Again. Here's What That Means for Your Wallet.

The news was somewhat anticipated after last week's less-than-positive inflation update.

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Mortgage Rates Are Above 6 Percent For The First Time Since 2008

As the Fed attempts to tame rampant inflation, mortgage rates hit new highs.

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Goldman Sachs Says U.S. Can Still Avoid a Recession

According to Goldman Sachs, a soft landing is still possible despite ongoing recession fears and interest rate hikes by the Fed.

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72% of Economists Predict a Recession Next Year — If We're Not Already in One

There's "less clarity than usual about the outlook," according to the National Association of Business Economics.

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Why the Stock Market Has Been So Volatile in 2022

How to understand the factors that have led to this volatility and recent bear market behavior.

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To Fight Sky-High Inflation, the Federal Reserve Just Raised Interest Rates Three Times Faster Than Usual — And the Most Since 1994

The increase marks an escalation of the central bank's effort to cool the highest inflation since 1981.

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Billionaire Investor Warns U.S. Economy Could Face 'Serious Problems' If Fed Doesn't Hike Rates Within the Year

Investor Sam Zell voiced disapproval of the Fed's decision to raise interest rates by 50-basis points, saying the economy could be in trouble if they don't hike rates up to 100.

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The Fed's "Do Nothing" Strategy Proves Costly

At a time when Americans are tightening wallets, the Fed should take its cues from the families who are pinching pennies to make ends meet.

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The Real-Estate Game Is Changing Fast. Are You Ready to Win?

Supply-chain issues and resulting inflation may soon prompt rate hikes from the Federal Reserve. Here's what savvy property investors can do in response.

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Surging Inflation Could See Millions of American Households Paying $3,500 in Additional Expenses This Year: Report

PWBM, a nonpartisan research-based initiative, estimates that the historic levels of inflation will require the average U.S. household to spend around $3,500 more in 2021 to achieve the same level of consumption of goods and services as in 2019 or 2020.

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Small-Business Optimism About Future Conditions Falls to 8-Year Low, Hiring Difficulties Hit 48-Year High

The level of confidence in the six-months-ahead outlook for business conditions fell to an eight-year low while hiring difficulties hit a 48-year high, a new report shows.

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Consumer Price Hikes Soften in August, Annual Inflation Stays Stubbornly High

The consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.3 percent in August from July, the Labor Department said in a Sept. 14 report, with consensus forecasts predicting a slightly higher 0.4 percent rate of monthly inflation.

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Producer Prices See Biggest Annual Surge on Record, Stoking Broader Inflation Concerns

The Labor Department said in a Sept. 10 statement that, for the 12 months ending in August, the final demand producer price index (PPI) jumped by 8.3 percent, the highest number in the history of the series.

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Inflation Growth Slows in July, Still a Concern as It Broadens and Stays Historically High

The Labor Department stated in a report on Aug. 11 that the consumer price index (CPI) jumped 0.5 percent in July from June, which is less than the previous monthly increase of 0.9 percent.