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SIIA Cosmetics Co-Founder Megan Rein Believes Everyone Deserves Beauty

The seven-figure female innovator sits down with 'Entrepreneur' for a conversation that's more than skin-deep.


Vietnamese Foodies Owner And Executive Chef Lily Hoa Nguyen On Growing Her Business From Strength To Strength

As someone who started cooking at the age of five in her native city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Nguyen is clearly at home in her role today as the Executive Chef of Vietnamese Foodies, the award-winning homegrown restaurant franchise that she founded in 2018 in the UAE.


3 Questions to Ask If You Want Female Entrepreneurs to Accelerate

Progress will come when everyone asks themselves what they can do to help.

Growth Strategies

Leveling The Playing Field For Female Entrepreneurs

Encouraging female entrepreneurs to kick start their journey has benefits that go beyond just boosting the global gross domestic product.


Seven Lessons For Women In Business (From Other Women In Business)

A selection of the many pieces of great advice that have been shared with us by women thriving in the region's business domain.


Driven By Purpose: Dubai-Based Veganologie Creates Bags From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Designed for fashionable conscious consumers, Veganologie's first collection consisted of crossbody bags, wallets, and card holders, made using vegan and sustainable materials.

Growth Strategies

Never Run Out Of Power: Dubai-Based iCharge Point Is Here To Get You Charging Your Phone On The Go

Using the iCharge Point mobile application, users can rent portable power banks from vending machines located at over 400 locations across Dubai.

Thought Leaders

Her Daughter's Food Allergies Made Finding Healthy Snacks Impossible, So This Mother Quit Her Corporate Job to Change That

Denise Woodard, founder and CEO of Partake, shares three lessons in entrepreneurship she hopes to pass down to her daughter.


Against All Odds: Shahnaz Bagherzadeh, Founder, Vivel Patisserie

Shahnaz Bagherzadeh, founder of Vivel Patisserie, on how her Dubai-born enterprise has evolved from a way to earn a living to a family-owned business that's gone global.


Why Women's Health Is At The Forefront Of Tech Investment

According to The Economist, women's healthtech focuses on solutions which aid most of the world's 4 billion women at some point in their lives, creating a huge potential market.

Growth Strategies

How Women Can Help Drive The Future Of The Automotive Industry

If automotive companies are not proactive in creating and promoting an appealing workplace conducive to gender equality, they might miss vital competitive advantages.

Women Entrepreneur®

Women In Finance: Time To Do Away With The Glass Ceiling

More women are making their mark in the traditionally male-dominated finance industry, but they remain underrepresented in leadership positions.

Starting a Business

2021, The Year That Was: Ruchika Singhal, Founder, The Grove Salons

Ruchika Singhal is no stranger to making it big in the beauty industry, and the development and growth of her own brand, The Grove Salons, serves as further proof of her natural instinct for this domain, as well as her strong business acumen.

Growth Strategies

2021, The Year That Was: Aakanksha Tangri, Founder, Re:Set

The year saw Re:Set cross a million visitors to its platform, and this achievement has now gone on to lay the foundation for its further growth and development.

Thought Leaders

Managing a Black Woman? Here's How to Become Her Success Partner and Ally.

Diversifying the workplace is a top priority for many companies these days, but some haven't figured out how to retain, support and promote the Black women they already have.