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Starting a Business

Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2023: Rita Huang, Founder And CEO, iMile

Over six years since founding iMile, Huang continues to place creating a sense of purpose and human impact as central to her vision for her business.

Thought Leaders

5 Lessons Learned From a Female Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint — you must have a willingness to learn.

Growth Strategies

Nailing It: Here's What Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Relocating Their Businesses To Saudi Arabia

Beyond drive and ambition influencing your move, it's important to have a good support system to make the transition easier.

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What Do We Tell Young Women Considering Entrepreneurship? Here are 6 Key Messages to Share

Women-owned businesses outperform the market in a number of key KPIs, including revenue, people retention and overall economic contribution.

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Unpacking The Dreamhouse: Where Barbie's World Meets Entrepreneurial Gold

To all the ladies balancing dreams in heels, remember: pressure can either burst pipes- or it can make diamonds.


startAD's Emirati Women Achievers 2023 Celebrates 23 Female Innovators From The UAE

Held under the theme "We Collaborate for Tomorrow," the event took place at NYUAD on August 24, 2023.


Infographic: BOLD By Veuve Clicquot Women's Entrepreneurship Barometer 2023

49,000 male and female entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from 25 countries were chosen to take part in this study.

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3 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Shatter Stereotypes While Also Empowering Others

Women entrepreneurs are constantly battling bias and stereotypes. Here's how they can rise above the noise and empower others.

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15 Female European Leaders to Watch in 2023

These trailblazing entrepreneurs are overcoming challenges and building strong organizations.

Growing a Business

This Two-Time Entrepreneur's 7 Keys to Growing Your Business Fast and Smart

Join us for this free webinar as we uncover proven business strategies that span marketing to operations to managing finances and so much more.

Starting a Business

With Her Size-Inclusive Luxury Activewear Brand Maeya, Former Saudi Arabian Bodybuilder Somaiah Al Dabbagh Wants To Help Women Feel Comfortable In Their Skin

Launched in 2020, Maeya's clothing line-up includes leggings, sport tanks, fitness shorts, t-shirts and loungewear designed for women, irrespective of their age or size.

Starting a Business

It All Started With A "No" (But It Led To A US$1.5 Billion Story In The End)

The story of how American business owner Lynda Weinman's software training website Lynda.com -bought by LinkedIn in 2015 for US$1.5 billion- started out because of a rejection in the early 90s.

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10 Reasons Women Should Become Agents of Change in Their Communities and Society at Large

Women are capable and powerful change agents and great role models for future generations.

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What if Women Entrepreneurs Actually Got What They Needed for Their Businesses?

Like many places, the United States is facing a challenging economy. If we were to support the businesses that data tells us outperform the overall market, it could jump-start a new cycle of growth and prosperity.

Business News

One of the World's Biggest Alcohol Companies Just Appointed Its First Woman CEO

Debra Crew will lead iconic brands like Guinness, Johnnie Walker and more.