Female Entrepreneurs


Big Goals, Bold Choices: Emon Shakoor, Founder And CEO, Blossom Accelerator

"There are constantly new obstacles that no one can prepare you for, and it is 100% the responsibility of the CEO to constantly mitigate challenges, risks, and ensure sustainability and continuity."


Masters Of Change, Episode 10: Amanda Gravitis, CEO, Smart Salem

Gravitis shares her insights into how the company's commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction is set to dictate the future of Smart Salem.

Women Entrepreneur®

Big Goals, Bold Choices: Anna Zingarevich, Founder And CEO, Better Ask Anna

The company's mission is to contribute to the global culture of conscious consumption by enhancing the quality and culture of high living standards.


Big Goals, Bold Choices: Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, Head, Metaverse Fashion Week

"As a passionate fan of science fiction and theories like the multiverse and string theory, I've always been intrigued by the possibilities they suggest for transcending the limitations of our reality."


Big Goals, Bold Choices: H.H. Sayyida Basma Al Said, Founder, Whispers Of Serenity

"I strongly believe that a calm demeanor is not only more appealing, but also more effective in leadership and entrepreneurship."


Why Women's Entrepreneurship is Booming Right Now

Women's entrepreneurship has taken some substantial leaps forward in the last few years.

Starting a Business

Big Goals, Bold Choices: Irina Shamilova, Founder And Chief Designer, EIRINE Jewelry House

From the very beginnings of the EIRINE Jewelry House in 2010, Shamilova has relied on two key pillars to build her brand- its unique designs, and meeting customer needs.


How Digital Entrepreneurship is Helping Women Overcome the Glass Ceiling

Women in the world of business face an unfair amount of limitations — both internal and external. However, digital entrepreneurship skills are now changing the entire system.

Starting a Business

Big Goals, Bold Choices: Mishaal Ashemimry, Founder, Mishaal Aerospace

Ashemimry is today perhaps best known as the first female aerospace engineer in the GCC, but she is also an entrepreneur, commercial pilot, speaker and influencer.


Big Goals, Bold Choices: Katrina Mankani, Managing Director And Director Of Positive Education, Fortes Education

"Positive education isn't just an educational philosophy; it's a revolution we're leading at Fortes Education. Think of it as educating the head, heart, and hands."


Big Goals, Bold Choices: Sara Al Madani, Serial Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, And Reality TV Star

It is Al Madani's belief that entrepreneurs should let their ideas evolve, and this is one of the points she often raises during her many public speaking engagements.


How to Own Your Place at the Table as a Minority Leader

Mindset and confidence forged by success are more powerful than any list of stereotypes.


These Are the 6 Personality Traits That Set Women Leaders Apart

I have the honor of working with many thriving women entrepreneurs. Here's what I've noticed about their leadership styles.

Growth Strategies

UAE-Born PureBorn Goes International By Launching Direct Distribution Of Its Eco-Friendly Baby Care Products In Europe

The decision behind PureBorn's international expansion is solely driven by an increasing demand for the venture's eco-conscious baby products.


4 Tips for Growing Your Women-Owned Small Business in 2024

To be a woman in business is a testament to resilience, courage and an unwavering spirit of self-advocacy.