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Big Goals, Bold Choices: Sara Al Madani, Serial Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, And Reality TV Star It is Al Madani's belief that entrepreneurs should let their ideas evolve, and this is one of the points she often raises during her many public speaking engagements.

By Tamara Pupic Edited by Aby Thomas

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Sara Al Madani

This article is from a special edition of Entrepreneur Middle East created for the 2024 edition of the Women's Empowerment (WE) Convention, staged by the WE Council. Check out the full publication here.

There is a lot one can learn about building businesses from Emirati serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and reality TV star Sara Al Madani- after all, she started up her first venture at the age of 15. And according to her, there is one particular lesson that other entrepreneurs often find hard to learn, or even accept and admit to themselves- and that is to not let themselves, as founders, be be held hostage by their ideas and ambitions of the past.

This, as it so happens, is the philosophy that governs the current stage of Al Madani's own entrepreneurial journey. "At the moment, my business direction has changed," Al Madani says. "I've been on a self-discovery journey where I found my purpose, and I did a lot of healing work. I realized that many of my businesses are things I'm not passionate about, and don't align with my purpose. I had to restructure them to align with my purpose, which was the biggest change in the past three years. The most rewarding part is the growth, bringing an idea to life, learning, building, making something happen, and creating. The most difficult aspect is dealing with failure, learning, bouncing back, and curveballs. But if you're passionate, these challenges are just bumps in the road."

It is therefore Al Madani's belief that entrepreneurs should let their ideas evolve, and this is one of the points she often raises during her many public speaking engagements. Indeed, Al Madani has delivered over 200 keynote speeches, during which she's known to open up about her personal development, and, in the process, break many stereotypes about Emirati women as well. "As a public speaker, being Arab and Emirati, and outspoken, I face negativity and backlash for breaking cultural barriers," she says. "I don't deal with negative comments, because I see them as projections of others' internal issues. I focus on gratitude and internal peace, which shields me from negativity."

Sara Al Madani, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and reality TV star. Source: Sara Al Madani

Al Madani's penchant for setting herself apart can also be seen in her participation as one of the six women featured in The Real Housewives of Dubai, the regional version of the reality television (TV) series originally created by American network, Bravo. "The reality TV show came into my life unexpectedly, and while it is time-consuming and mentally taxing, it's rewarding and enjoyable," she says. "It's a platform to share my voice globally, fix misconceptions about Middle Eastern women, and promote my mission."

Now, while the second season of The Real Housewives of Dubai is set to launch later this year, Al Madani has been busy with the first part of 2024 launching two new businesses: education platform for personal development The Others, and health and beauty brand Ficks. So, with all of what she has on her plate, one has to wonder: does she have room for any new plans? "I don't plan much anymore, I live in the now," she replies. "I set goals, but it's okay if I don't meet them."

This statement by Al Madani offers a peek into how she perceives success today, and it's an ethos that she includes in her advice for all the entrepreneurs out there today. "Firstly, define success on your terms," Al Madani says. "My daily success is measured by what I do for myself, and then for others. Secondly, just start. Your journey is unique, so take the risk; it's rewarding. There's no perfect time, so make the time right."

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Tamara Pupic

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

Tamara Pupic is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Middle East.

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