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Side Hustle

This Former Amazon Employee Started a Side Hustle Because She Wanted 'Lifestyle Freedom' — Now Her Business Earns $100,000 a Month

Julie Berninger, former tech project manager and current Etsy shop owner, successfully transitioned her side hustle into a full-scale business, Gold City Ventures.

News and Trends

India Gives Hope For Future, Bill Gates Meets RBI Governor

Bill Gates is currently on a trip to India to witness the progress made in various areas including climate change

News and Trends

India's Unfinished Road To Financial Inclusion

The path to India's financial inclusion is in the dire need of financial literacy as the National Centre for Financial Education reports that over 73% of Indian adults fail to understand basic financial concepts

News and Trends

T Rabi Sankar On RBI's Key Focus Areas For Financial Inclusion

Deputy governor of RBI said that RBI mainly focuses to scale the digital infrastructure while preserving the technical stability


Building a Healthy Credit Culture Through Tech

Kreditbee is a digital lending platform that provides instant personal loans to salaried individuals and the self-employed


Enabling Financial Inclusion in Asia

How Smartphones are Revamping the Traditional Credit Scoring Model


Digital Payments in India: Challenges and Opportunities

For around 1 billion credit and debit cards, there is merely 37.22 lakh Point of Sale (POS) terminals in the country

Growth Strategies

Reasons Why the Blue Collared Workforce is Crucial For Fintech Firms' Growth

This working class is often ignored by traditional financial institutions but their loss is fintech startups' gain


Financial Technology and the Inclusion of Indian Businesses

Underserved yet eligible means new services are coming!


Financial Education is a Critical Part of Financial Inclusion

Are people really aware of the policies that the government has for us? Here's what people need to know

Women Entrepreneur™

How India's First Financial Education Company is Helping People Achieve their Money Goals

Financial literacy in India is not very good, especially among women


SME and MSME Digital Lending in India

The easier and cheaper credit through digital lending has the potential to start a virtuous cycle of formalization, so much so that up to 85 per cent of MSMEs could be formal by 2023


Here is Why the Aadhaar Verdict Left Fintech Companies in Ripples

On 26 September, the Supreme Court in a detailed judgement said that Aadhaar scheme is constitutionally valid, however, struck down Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act, which prevents private companies including banks and telecom companies from accessing the data


This Small Bank's CEO Explains Why Financial Inclusion Should Be a Business Model Rather than an Obligation

Small finance banks addressing the financial services requirements of the base of pyramid customers as well as SMEs clearly have a much larger base of consumers, and a larger role in nation building


Has Indian Fintech Startups Contributed to Financial Inclusion in India?

From cashless economy to the use of mobile banking it was all new for India but Fintech revolution has changed it all