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A Tribute to Indian and Gujarati Cuisine

Founded in 2017, TSK Hospitality is a brainchild of the passionate couple - celebrity chef Aanal Kotak and her husband Bhavik Kotak. The company is driven by the thought to offer unique, innovative and modern twist to the ancient Indian cuisine through its brands - The Secret Kitchen, Akshada and The Baking Couture Café.

Starting a Business

Things to Keep in Mind While Setting up an F&B Venture

Expensive advertisements in newspapers or a glossy billboard on main streets are not the only ways to invite customers to a new F&B establishment

Growing a Business

A Desktop Statue of a Hindu Deity Gives This Founder Daily Inspiration

The gift from his mother helps beverage entrepreneur Anshuman Vohra fight for success.

News and Trends

What Malaysians Want to Eat

Consumer reliance on food service favours more than just local cuisine, new research shows

Growth Strategies

6 Keys to Running a Global Restaurant Chain in India

Here's the genesis of stepping into Indian Food Retail and the elements that bring forth the venture to become part of Food Plate of Indian consumer


What Singaporeans Are Eating, and When

Over 90 per cent of residents visit a restaurant or other food service outlet at least once a week, well above the global average, shows research

News and Trends

How the Food & Beverage Industry is Revolutionising India's Travel Sector

The Indian Food & Beverage (F&B) industry is currently seeing an annual CAGR at an upward of 36.34per cent, far surpassing the likes of the United States, Japan, and Germany

News and Trends

Add 3D Effect to Your Food With This Simple Tip by Chef Gautam Chaudhry

In a candid conversation with Restaurant India, Chef Gautam Chaudhry talks about the concept of plating and the basic elements that restaurants should focus

Growth Strategies

Beyond Food, Alcohol and Ambience: 10 Ways to Create a Superlative Customer Experience in the F&B Sector

Customers today are looking for a place which could pamper their needs while serving them food and its the pampering which brings the customer back to you

Thought Leaders

This Beverage Entrepreneur's Mentor Pushed Her to Pivot, and Now Her Business Is Ready to Bloom

Candice Crane watched a video of Steaz tea founder Eric Schnell giving a talk and knew he could help her grow her business. She reached out, and now he's one of her partners.

News and Trends

Why Bubble Tea is the Next Big Thing in Asia and Beyond

The demand for the beverage is increasing across the region


Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Franchise

Product quality should be one of the focus areas, says Paul Davies, director of BMF Limited

Growth Strategies

What's Driving Revenue in Hospitality These Days ?

Here are five areas that shall see immense growth in the next few years to come

Growth Strategies

Why Optimized Procurement is Key to Upping India's Food & Beverage Industry

With an optimized procurement service, there would be quality control and standardized products across every outlet along with reliable consistent supplies


This Startup is On a Mission to Become India's Leading Clean-label Beverage Brand

The start-up plans to reach 2500 stores by the end of FY 18 and increase its footprint in the Middle East and South East Asia