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Can Food Sensitivity Trigger Depression and Anxiety?

In this mini-masterclass, Ben Angel shares how getting to the root cause of these symptoms is vital.

Growth Strategies

The Need For Innovation In The Middle East's Food Supply Chain

Food security is a serious issue on a global scale, but especially so in countries that rely heavily on imports to feed the population.

Growing a Business

How Controlling Your Food Sensitivities Affects Productivity

Even if you remove one problem food from your diet, there may be another causing constant underlying inflammation.

News and Trends

The Year Gone-By And Outlook 2021 For the Indian Food Services Industry

As we look back at 2020, the crisis has resulted in many small and medium food service establishments having to shut down

Thought Leaders

Want to Win Over Investors for Your Plant-Based Snack Line? 'Make it @#$%-ing Delicious' Says This Entrepreneur.

How the CEO of Moku Foods walked onto 'Elevator Pitch' and left with a deal.


Nutraceutical Industry: A Manufacturer's Perspective

Preventive healthcare streams including nutraceuticals, tender huge potential to thrive with strong demand drivers


Pour The Vegan Milk: Breakfast Cereals Pivot To Plant-Based, High-Protein, Low-Sugar Options

Cereal, both hot and cold, at the table or on the go, is the breakfast food of our childhoods and, yep, our future.

Thought Leaders

5 Ways European Entrepreneurs are Using Food Technologies During Covid-19

Interest is ticking up in investing in smart technology that helps save time, energy, the planet, and keep us safe.

Business News

Freshly Might be Exactly What You Need to Create a Healthy 'WFH' Lunch Routine

Enjoy fresh meals that are ready in just three minutes.

Thought Leaders

10 Under 20: Kid Food Entrepreneurs Fighting to Make a Difference

Check out the work of 10 young entrepreneurs who are working to solve environmental and food insecurity problems locally and globally.

Business News

This Genius Company Is Simplifying Dinner Prep at a Price You Can Afford

Get more bang for your bite with EveryPlate.

Thought Leaders

How a Box of Girl Scout Cookies Inspired a Business Dedicated to Helping Food Allergy Sufferers Stay Safe While Snacking

The founder of food allergy resource Spokin explains the launch and growth of her website and app.


WTF Do I Eat While I WFH?

Don't stress over lunch. These entrepreneur-inspired lunches are quick, healthy and delicious.

Business News

Plant-Based Eating Isn't Just Salads And Beans. The Vegan Dessert Market Continues To Grow.

As consumer interest in plant-based eating continues to snowball, major brands and new names alike expand their dessert offerings.

News and Trends

Curefit Forays Into Ready-To-Eat Segment; Launches Two Variants

The products have a shelf life of 12 months and are easy to store