Side Hustle

I Started a Semi-Passive Side Hustle That Earns $33,000 a Week on Amazon: 'Selling There Is a No-Brainer'

Dr. Jenny Woo wanted to create a product that would help people connect, and it turned out to be a lucrative one.


Gamification Is Eating The World

Gamification is everywhere, which means that those of us with experience designing game mechanics, incentives and so on, have a skillset that will be in greater demand, both within our industry and beyond it.

Business News

'Price Is Right' Contestant Wins Trip to Hawaii — and the ER. 'He's Really Hurting.'

Contestant Henry Choi celebrated his victory a little too voraciously.

Growing a Business

This Classic Retro Game Console Is the Perfect Office Add and It's $50 Off

A little fun at the office can go a long way.

Science & Technology

7 Essential Tips for Creating a Successful Blockchain Game

Creating a blockchain game can be a challenging process, but it can also be a rewarding experience. In this article, we'll go over some tips on how to create a blockchain game from start to finish.


Introducing Doomlings, the Endlessly Entertaining Card Game About the End of the World

An online smash, you can now pick up the ridiculously fun card game that Kickstarter fans funded in just 49 minutes.


Gamification Can Solve the Great Resignation. Here's Why.

Collaboration and engagement are desperately needed within companies that want to stop the Great Resignation.

News and Trends

Skillmatics Raises $16 Million In Series B Funding

The fund raised will be used to strengthen the brand's presence in US and expand its product offerings

News and Trends

Shorooq Partners Launches The MENAP Region's First Online Program To Support Gametech Startup Founders

Said to be the MENAP region's first sector-focused online program, SHFT Build's aims to support founders in gaming and other sectors, such as web 3.0 and cleantech.

Growth Strategies

Digital Gaming In The UAE: What We Have, And What We Need

The need of the hour is to devise a framework which distinguishes "games of skill" from "games of chance" to bring regulatory certainty to these questions in the region.

Business News

GameStop Reports Q3 Earnings, And It's A Mixed Bag

The 10% drop in GameStop (NYSE: GME) shares during Thursday's session should tell you everything you need to know about their Q3 earnings report, which was released on Wednesday night.


Access This Comprehensive Online Chess Encyclopedia

Learn how to play chess from grandmasters.


Why Playing Video Games is Good for Your Business and Your Employees

Many people think playing video games will hurt their productivity. Here's why the opposite may be true.


4 Calming Games That'll Help You Get Your Sanity Back During Pandemic

Bad days can be really frustrating and staying indoors without a source of entertainment can be too. For this, we have a few games listed that can help you calm yourself during the time of COVID-19