Mark Zuckerberg Fires Back at Facebook Whistleblower's Claims: 'Deeply Illogical'

The Facebook CEO says a former employee's allegations about the company's disregard for the safety of users is unfounded.

3 Reasons Why the Midwest Will Excel in American Defense Innovation

Innovators and entrepreneurs in the region are advancing national security.

Mike Seper

When Will I Receive My Advance Child Tax Credit Check?

If you are eligible, it should be any day. And then around the same time every month through December.

Kenny Herzog

FDA Authorizes Covid Booster Shots for Certain Immunocompromised People

'Other fully vaccinated individuals do not need an additional vaccine dose right now,' the agency makes clear.

Kenny Herzog

PPP Loan Forgiveness Period Beginning to Close; Payments May Be Due

PPP borrowers who took loans in 2020 will soon have their first payments due if they don't request forgiveness.

Mat Sorensen

More Companies Have Designated Juneteenth a Paid Holiday (Updated)

As the Senate passes Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, corporations including Best Buy and National Grid join a growing list of businesses who've recognized the occasion in the wake of George Floyd's death.

Kenny Herzog

Why Minority-Owned Businesses Should Consider Government Contracting Opportunities Sooner Rather Than Later

A look into the opportunities available for minority-owned businesses to engage with state and local governments.

Private and Federal Student Loans for College: Which Works Best for Your Child?

Ready to make final decisions about your child's college financial aid award? Make sure you understand the differences between federal loans and private student loans before you get started.

Melissa Brock

Millions of Americans Will Start Receiving Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments In July

By July 15, nearly 40 million low- to moderate-income households will benefit from direct, monthly government aid.

Kenny Herzog

How Technology Can Improve CX for Government Services

In order to ensure citizens get the help they need, the government needs to follow the example of business and start putting their customer experience first.

The Government Wants You to Become an Entrepreneur

Tax law is designed to work for business owners.