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Ashley Madison Claims 'Hundreds of Thousands' of New Users Have Created Accounts in the Last Week

The company's latest blog post reads like a weak, desperate attempt to save face.

Laura Entis

Has the Ashley Madison Hacker Been Identified?

A security researcher has found clues via Twitter.

Benjamin Snyder

Ashley Madison Hit With Another Lawsuit Following Hack

This comes in the wake of a class-action suit filed against its parent company Avid Life Media in Canada last week.


The Hacker Who Breached a Moving Jeep Has Left His Job at Twitter

Charlie Miller, who also used to work for the NSA, reportedly resigned from his job at the social giant.


Hackers Release Second Wave of Ashley Madison Data

This leak is larger than the first and appears to contain the emails of the CEO who runs Ashley Madison's parent company.

Robert Hackett

IRS Says Cyberattacks Were More Extensive Than Previously Thought

A new review has identified 220,000 additional data breaches.


U.S. Charges Nine People in $30 Million Insider Trading Scheme

The defendants allegedly breached corporate press release distributors to see business news before it was publicly available.


This $30 Device Can Break Into Almost Any Keyless Door in Your Car or Home

Samy Kamkar's 'Rolljam' device can steal codes from keyless items. Sweet dreams, readers.

Steve Dent

Samsung, Google to Release Monthly Android Security Patches

In response to the Stagefright hacking software that leaves the Android system vulnerable, companies are pushing for fast fixes.


Tesla Issues Security Fix After Hackers Expose Flaws in Model S Sedan

Cybersecurity researchers found six significant vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to control the vehicle.


Hackers Can Steal Your Information Through Sound Waves, Researchers Say

Researchers found that hackers can breach devices and steal the data by pointing an antenna and picking up those vibrations.


China Seeks to Control the Web and Your Business Is Caught in the Middle

American businesses cannot stay neutral in what is clearly now an all-out war over the future of the worldwide Internet.

Ray Hennessey