T-Mobile Says Data on Over 48 Million People Stolen by Hackers

The stolen data includes customer names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and driver's license information.

The Epoch Times

Did you get a free ebook for Kindle from Amazon? This new hacking method can access your bank details

The bug called KindleDrip allows hackers to take control of your device to steal bank details and make purchases on your behalf, what did Amazon do about it?

Zoom will pay $ 85 million for violating user privacy and sharing data with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

In an out-of-court settlement, the video calling app Zoom settled a lawsuit for violating user privacy by sharing personal data with other platforms such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, in addition to allowing hackers to break into meetings.

Microsoft warns about security flaw in its operating system

The company asks its users to update their PC immediately to prevent access by hackers.

They manage to hack an ATM using just one app

A cybersecurity specialist identified a new method to "hack" ATMs using only a mobile phone with NFC.

Putting Off Cybersecurity Is Putting You at Much Bigger Risk Than You Realize

It may seem hard to justify when your company is getting started, but the longer you wait, the more difficult and expensive it gets to protect your business from hackers.

Jaime Manteiga

This company paid a ransom of 11 million dollars after cyberattack

JBS, a meat sales company received a virtual threat at the end of May that caused the suspension of its operations.

Cryptojacking Preys on the Uninformed. Is Your Computer Safe?

The rise of crypto has introduced a new problem: cryptojacking. Here's how to protect yourself.

Kevin Leyes

From hackers to entrepreneurs: connecting the best programmers with the companies that seek them as a business model

School, company or digital project? Hackademy is all that and more. Meet the hackers who claimed the term and now place the most talented programmers in Mexico and Latin America in projects of international stature.

Mairem Del Río

Hackers Sell Data from 500 Million LinkedIn Users

Following the Facebook security scandal, a hacker put up a database of personal and work information from millions of LinkedIn accounts for sale.

Protect Yourself From This WhatsApp Scam

If you get this message from a friend, it is probably a trick to hack your WhatsApp.

After Online News Spat, Google Blasts Microsoft Over Exchange Server Flaws

In a blog post defending its commitment to funding journalism, Google also slams Microsoft for failing to secure its products from hackers.

Michael Kan