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She Bought a House Without Using a Realtor. Did You?

About 12% of homebuyers in 2023 did not use a real estate agent. This is the story of one person who went without — and the pros, cons, and risks of trying.

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Some Lenders Are Offering 'Buy Now, Refinance Later At No Cost' Deals — But Is There a Catch?

Soaring mortgage rates have priced buyers out of the market, but some experts are saying to buy now and refinance later. Is it really that easy? Here's what to know.

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These Are the 10 Most Expensive States to Be a Homeowner in the U.S., According to a New Report

Where do homeowners spend the most? The usual suspects like California, New York, and New Jersey ranked high on the list.

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These Paint Colors Up Your Chances of a Higher Offer Price on Your Home, According to a New Zillow Study

Home interiors painted in dark hues — especially in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom — were associated with higher offer prices than similar homes painted in pale neutrals and white.

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Looking to Buy a Home for the First Time? These Are the Best (And Worst) States to Do It.

A new survey offers a get-real guide for first-time homebuyers in the U.S.

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Declining Mortgage Rates Spark Uptick in Interest from Would-Be Homebuyers

Mortgage applications are up about 25% from the end of 2022.

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9 Places in the U.S. With Small Town Charm and Affordable Home Prices

Real estate experts found the top places where homebuyers can experience quaint living at a fair price.

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These Are The Best and Worst Places To Move in 2023, According to an Economist

An expert economist weighs in on which locations have homes that are most likely to retain their value.

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How We Can Overcome the Homeownership Crisis Through Shared Equity

The shared equity housing model (SEH) stands out as an effective solution to the homeownership crisis.

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The Real Estate Housing Market Is Shifting: Too Many Homes, Not Enough Buyers

As mortgage rates surged, prospective homeowners were priced out. Now there are not enough buyers for an increasing number of homes.

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Reasons to Invest in (or Steer Clear of) Real Estate in 2022

Always wanted to invest in real estate? 2022 could be your year. Let's go over the pros and cons of investing in real estate in 2022.

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Are You Planning to Buy a Home? Read This First.

It's not as simple as many entrepreneurs may think.

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A Homebuyer's Tri-lemma: An Analysis of Provisions under CPA, RERA and IBC, 2016

Looking at the aforesaid it appears like a clear knockout punch for errant Real Estate developers and a massive victory for the consumers at large

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Thinking of Buying Property? Here's Why Continuing to Rent May Be Your Smartest Choice.

Though it can be costly paying a set fee, renting can have its advantages.

Growth Strategies

Innovation and Consolidation - the Way Ahead in India's Online Real Estate Space

Today around 65 per cent of those buying a home come online at some stage of the process