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HDFC Capital Advisors to Invest $2 Billion by 2030 on Affordable Housing

HDFC Capital Advisors plans to invest in affordable housing worth $2 billion by 2025 end.

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Check Out the Tiny-Home Village a Millennial Built, Where 29 Units Priced as Low as $190,000 Sold Out in Less Than 2 Months

The community's demographics range from ages 25 to 65, with incomes ranging from $50,000 to millionaires.

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Ever Wanted to Live at Disney? Now You Can in This Residential Community — That's Not in Florida or California.

Disney has announced plans to develop a 1,500-acre community in North Carolina.

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Millennials and Gen Z Are Jumping on This Hot Real Estate Trend to Afford Homeownership

The hack is helping many first-time buyers enter the market.

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Looking For Lower Rent? Rent Decreased the Most in These 11 U.S. Cities in January

While rent prices still increased overall in January, prices only rose by 2%, marking the smallest increase over the past 20 months.

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This Tech Is Transforming Real Estate and is Creating a Major Market Opportunity

Smart home technology is disrupting real estate, presenting a significant market opportunity for designers, builders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Real Estate

It's Time to Revolutionize the Housing Market With the 30-Minute Lease

The real estate landscape is ready to leverage technology to maximize its potential across the rental market.

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Are Layoffs At A Small-Cap Tech A Bellwether For Housing Stocks?

Real-estate tech Compass skidded after layoffs. Is this a sign of weakness to come throughout the housing industry, or are some subindustries poised to grow?

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It's Time To Embrace Another 25% Decline In The S&P 500

The S&P 500 is headed for another 25% decline due to mounting inflation and aggressive FOMC policies that are tamping down housing demand.

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Do We Dare Predict What 2021 Housing Will Look Like?

Whatever happens in the housing market this year, real estate professionals will continue to challenge themselves to learn more and do better.


Real Estate: Will New RERA Regulations Usher In Buyer-Friendly Market In the Coming Times?

Prior to its introduction, the traditional real estate market was heavily skewed in favour of developers who could get away with charging unjustified rates, following fraudulent practices and exceeding promised delivery timelines


How Real Estate Technology Can Facilitate India's Massive Upcoming Housing Demand

India's urbanization rate is projected to shoot up by 55-60 per cent in the next 10-15 years and the nation will need over 75 million homes


The Rise Of Affordable Luxury Housing

In present time, investors, and industry players both pay attention to detail that defines affordable luxury housing and make sure that structures have everything that makes it a luxurious sweet home


Developing Smart Living Solutions for the New-Age Student Community

There is a necessity for the industry to gear-up and plug gaps through bespoke student housing solutions