El 80% de las personas utiliza la inteligencia artificial: ¿cómo influye la IA en sus vidas?

Aunque muchas personas no se den cuenta, la inteligencia artificial está presente en su día a día. Estos son algunos ejemplos de cómo la IA influye en la vida cotidiana.


The Tech Top Gun: Geeta Gurnani

Over the 25 years that Geeta Gurnani has spent in the world of technology across various industries, she's spent 20+ years with the International Business Machine, also known as IBM. Among all the technologies, IBM is one of the proactive giants in the space when it comes to AI


Ya sabemos que los mandatos de regreso a la oficina salen mal — entonces, ¿por qué gigantes de la tecnología como Amazon, IBM y Zoom insisten en restaurar esta obsoleta política?

En un entorno donde la innovación es la moneda de cambio, ¿por qué gigantes de la tecnología como Amazon, IBM y Zoom se aferran a mandatos obsoletos?

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We Know Return to Office Mandates Backfire — So Why Are Tech Giants Like Amazon, IBM and Zoom Reinstating This Outdated Policy?

In a landscape where innovation is the ultimate currency, why are tech giants like Amazon, IBM and Zoom clinging to outdated mandates?

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3 Reasons This Sleeping Giant Is About To Wake Up

Leaving aside the company's not-so-great share price habits over the years, there are compelling signs that a new IBM is emerging.

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The Man Who Invented a Technology Used Billions of Times a Day Doesn't Get Credit for It. Now He's Setting the Record Straight.

Paul McEnroe, an award-winning engineer who spent more than two decades in leadership roles at IBM, opens up about the Universal Product Code's development and the misconception that persists.

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India Is Well Poised To Establish As an AI Innovation Garage Of the World, Says IBM CEO

He further stated that India must develop sovereign capability in artificial intelligence (AI) and look at setting up a national AI computing centre

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IBM Unveils Watsonx Code Assistant For Z

This product will be generally available in Q4 2023, and is being designed to help accelerate COBOL application modernization


IBM planea utilizar la inteligencia artificial para reemplazar 8,000 puestos de trabajo

El CEO de IBM, Arvind Krishna, aseguró que estos cambios se darán gradualmente, hasta que el 30% de los puestos de la empresa sean ocupados por la inteligencia artificial.

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Administrative Roles Likely To Get Replaced By AI: IBM CEO

As per reports, IBM has approximately 26,000 workers, therefore, almost 7800 jobs could be replaced by AI in the next few years

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Moonlighting Is Not Ethical, Says IBM India MD

Sandip Patel was speaking at the flagship event of IBM

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In Technology, Entrepreneurs Must Take the Biggest Shots to Make the Biggest Gains

Here's how "moonshot thinking" can transform entrepreneurship - and three areas it could benefit the most.


Arvind Krishna Becomes Latest Indian-Origin Executive To Lead a Global Tech Giant

The IIT Kanpur alumnus will succeed Virginia Rometty as the chief executive officer of IBM. He currently heads the company's cloud business and was a key figure in the company's much-publicized acquisition of Red Hat.


How Not to Lose Attention of Gen Z in the 8 Seconds that You Have?

By the end of 2019, one in every three humans on planet earth will be a Gen Z'er to coin a phrase, a whopping 472 million of them will be in just one nation: India