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Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats with This $80 IT Bundle

Train your team to identify cyber threats.

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Become an Ethical Hacking and Cybercrime Expert

This 10-course bundle can give you the cybersecurity skills you need to level up your IT career.

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Scared of Intellectual Property Theft? Protect Your Work

You've spent hours of work on an idea only to have your work and trade secrets stolen. Follow this simple guide to avoid intellectual property theft and protect your assets.

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The Demand for IT Is Here to Stay

The pandemic has fueled and accelerated digital transformation.


Agility Matters: Five Mindset Shifts Entrepreneurs Must Make To Succeed

With 2020 also signifying the start of a new decade, one in which digitization is set to transform the business world, there's even more reason to address the strategies designed to drive us forward.

News and Trends

Business Disruption Becoming Main Attack Objective For More Adversaries

According to a report by US-based cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, 36 per cent of all incidents it investigated in 2019 had business disruption as their main objective. These attacks were largely caused by ransomware, destructive malware or DoS attacks.

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Here's How to Stop Third Parties From Reading Your Gmail

A letter from Google to lawmakers revealed that third-party app developers can access Gmail users' messages for ad targeting purposes -- as well as share the data with partners.

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#6 Innovative Corporate Event Ideas To Create The Right Impact

In the day and age of social networks, it is essential to strike a confluence of real time attendees, both on-site and online


The Economics Behind Building a Good Product

Behavioral economics can be used as a tool to figure out the areas, with respect to the product, where your users struggle

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7 Habits of Highly Hackable Employees

Workers who commit these high-risk behaviors probably don't realize they're jeopardizing the company's security.

Business News

Employee Sues Google for 'Illegal' Confidentiality Policies

The company allegedly runs an internal spying program and even prohibits employees from writing a novel about working in Silicon Valley.

Business News

DOJ Accused of Deliberately Using Old Tech for FOIA Requests

The government has been sued for intentionally obstructing Freedom of Information requests.

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How to Tell Your Most Intimate Secrets to Your Competitors

You just opened your computer on a flight to a convention, with your competitor's rep seated right behind you. Are you crazy?