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The 10 Best Motivational Books of 2016

Deeply authentic accounts of personal trials, hard-learned truths and unexpected epiphanies teach readers that anything is possible -- once you understand that hard work alone isn't enough.

Business News

Heimlich, Creator of the Maneuver to Save Choking Victims, Dies at 96

The doctor came up with the ground-breaking technique in 1974 after reading about the high rate of choking deaths in restaurants.


How an Obsessive Movie-Goer Reinvented the Theater's Favorite Food

This entrepreneur turned his popcorn problem into a profitable business.


7 Innovators, Creatives and Entrepreneurs in New Movies You Can't Miss This Month

Get motivated at the theater with these flicks.


Empowering Entrepreneurs: Qatar Development Bank CEO Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al-Khalifa

The CEO of QDB believes the best way to empower Qatar's future generations is to simplify the path to entry for new participants.


Identity Matters: Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

How this Swiss luxury watch brand founded in 1980 is using innovation to beat its older competitors in the market (and consolidate its future).


7 Ways Entrepreneurs Drive Economic Development

Entrepreneurs create businesses, businesses create jobs and people with jobs make good customers.


7 Creative, Marvelous and Downright Weird Ways People Paid Tribute to Steve Jobs

From 'Cheese Jobs' to 'Hello Stevie,' Apple fanboys and girls have immortalized Cupertino, Calif.'s 'Billion Dollar Hippie' in some curious and quirky ways.

Growth Strategies

This Social Entrepreneur Is Creating Livelihood And Employment Opportunities

Narrating his entrepreneurial journey


Your Next Company Car Might Be an Uber

The latest way ridesharing is shaping business.


What's the Right Car for Hauling 2,000 Burritos?

Three food startups explain how they chose their fleet.


Taking The Lead: Daruna Development CEO Michael Murphy

The Daruna concept is simple; provide quality and affordable accommodations for the working community in Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and throughout the world.


Why Startups Need To Keep Up With Innovation

Some of the biggest advantages any business can derive from innovation


3 Steps You Can Take Now to Unlock Your Inner Innovator

Ignore real-world limitations and you're a lot likelier to visualize the ideal solution.


Sky-High Ambitions: Skyline University College Founder And President Kamal Puri

Entrepreneur and educationalist Kamal Puri on 26 years of business in the UAE.