Patrick Mendes, Yigit Sezgin, And Markus Keller On How Accor Has Consolidated Its Leading Position In The Hospitality Sector

"Today, our strong recovery is fueled by the widespread desire from people to find new experiences and take advantage of freedoms after more than two years living with restricted travel opportunities."

Tamara Pupic

The 3 Most Common Excuses for a Lack of Innovation – and How You Can Conquer Them

Below are three everyday excuses you may hear in your own organisation that may make your hairs stand on end, and set alarm-bells ringing. Included are some tips on how you can make excuses a thing of the past, while creating real innovation for the future.

Jonathan Løw

Meet Abdallah Of Arabia: Abdallah Abu-Sheikh, The Serial Entrepreneur Behind UAE-Based Barq And Rizek

Abdallah Abu-Sheikh is the co-founder and CEO of Barq, the first-of-its-kind tech-driven network of electric vehicles built to serve the MENA region's last mile delivery sector.

Aby Sam Thomas

Kyma Co-Founders Farida El Agamy, Dima Samaan, And Samar Sayegh Want To Engineer A "Refillution" To Safeguard The World That We Live In

Kyma's refill and reuse model is an attempt by three women to disrupt the manufacturing processes of an industry that they believe has been quite limited on innovation.

Aby Sam Thomas

Why Self-Awareness Is Key to Innovation

To be truly innovative, learn to harness your enthusiasm. But first you have have to overcome the mental challenges.

Aytekin Tank

The Future Role of the Chief Innovation Officer

Nowadays, companies cannot be too passive with innovation.

Andrew Pek

Inventors Are Defined By Their Ability to Overcome Obstacles

Serious inventors -- inventors who repeatedly come up with great inventions -- don't stop.

Stephen Key

Eyes On The Prize: Lal Bhatia, Chairman, Hilshaw Group

As someone at the helm of an enterprise overseeing global projects worth more than US$40 billion, it's all about the endgame for this businessman.

Aby Sam Thomas

Serial Entrepreneur Samer Hamadeh Explains Why It's All About The Endgame

The founder of Akiba Dori shares the why, what and how for his quest for agency and independence.

Aby Sam Thomas

Kitopi's Mohamad Ballout Is Aiming To Have His Cloud Kitchen Platform Dominate MENA (And The World) With A US$415 Million Funding Round Led By SoftBank

According to Allied Market Research, the size of the global cloud kitchen market is expected to grow at US$71 billion by 2027- a market that Dubai-headquartered state-of-the-art managed cloud kitchen platform Kitopi is striving to take a bite out of.

Follow The Leader: Nicolas Girotto, CEO, Bally

Infusing innovation into a brand that already has 170 years of history in the luxury market may seem like an impossible task to many, but it's one that Nicolas Girotto has skillfully taken on in his stride in his role as the CEO of the Swiss luxury brand, Bally.